September 16, 2013

Trailers, Promos and Friends: Ramleela

If Sanjay Leela  Bhansali (of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas fame) and Vishal Bhardwaj (of Omkara, Kaminey fame) had a baby, the world would get this:

You want old school colorful Bollywood? Check. You want nitty gritty non-flakey acting? Check. There is a lot of promise that comes with this trailer, but given SLB's last two films it will be hard to say if he manages to balance the drama and opulence. If anyone can, it's him. I guess the man heard me when I said I miss vintage Sanjay. This movie could really help bring him back into the game as long as he doesn't get caught up in trying too hard and if the "mature" content is handled tastefully-- very tricky terrain.

A long time ago when Kareena was signed for this role, I was very fangirl stoked to see her work under Bhansali and then she was replaced with Priyanka and I was still really stoked and then she was replaced with Deepika and then I got confused. Then future projects of Deepika began to surface and she was slowly building a strong resume and by 2012 it was very obvious that 2013 was going to be the year of the Deepika. Ramleela might just be the movie that confirms her position as a top actress. Ranveer Singh has done nothing, but well for himself and I have no doubt this film will only prove once again why he's the next big thing. Though Priyanka was replaced it's believed that she'll still be appearing in a song. Holla.

One thing is guaranteed though, as with all SLB films, this thing is going to be aesthetically flooring especially with the undeniable chemistry. We'll have to wait until November 15th to see.