January 26, 2010

On Location

Spotted. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in NYC shooting for Anjaana Anjaani. Just from the looks of it, their chemistry seems like it could potentially be a winner.

Have a gander.

Also spotted was Ranbir Kapoor at the Lakers-Knicks game and he managed to get a picture with Kobe Bryant. RK's wearing Knicks attire though, I wonder if that was awkward...

[Photo Source: Pink Villa]

Promos, Trailers and Friends

I haven't done my normal research so I only have two trailers to show you.

Uno being a MNIK song promo to "Tere Naina." I forgot the warm and fuzzy feeling I get upon seeing the Shajol chemistry. Eeeeeks!

A trailer for Atithi Tum Kab Jaago:

Okay so it looks like the typical Indian comedy, but look at the actors. All three are great. And I am ashamed/proud to admit I l-o-led when Aitithi was gargling.

Awards Season: National Awards

Don't be confused. The National Awards that were recently announced are, not for the year 2009, but for 2008! Yeah... only slightly delayed.

Here is a list of most of the winners with a citation as to why they were chosen.

BEST FEATURE FILM: Antaheen (Bengali)- For lyrical blend of technical devices in the right proportion to depict shifting human relationships in an urban scenario. [P.S. the film's cast has a few names familiar to Bollywood: Sharmila Tagore and Rahul Bose]

INDIRA GANDHI AWARD FOR BEST FIRST FILM OF A DIRECTOR: A Wednesday (Hindi)- For slick and searing exposure of the tension below the normal rhythm of life and the angst of the common man in Mumbai. Loved this film, glad it received recognition.

BEST POPULAR FILM PROVIDING WHOLESOME ENTERTAINMENT: Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (Hindi)- For its intelligent treatment of an off-beat subject that makes it different within the popular format.

BEST DIRECTION: Bala for Naan Kadauul (Tamil)- For its powerful handling of an extraordinary subject that focuses on marginal characters with great convection.

BEST ACTOR: Upendra Limaye for Jogva (Marathi)- For his restrained yet powerful depiction of a complex character.

BEST ACTRESS: Priyanka Chopra for Fashion (Hindi)- For convincing portrayal of a whole range of emotions within a single character,

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Arjun Rampal for Rock On (Hindi)- For his moving performance as a musician trying to rise above personal tragedy.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Kangana Ranaut for Fashion (Hindi)- For compelling portrayal of a down and out supper model that enriches the impact of the film.

BEST MALE PLAYBACK SINGER: Hariharan for the song Jeev Dangla Gungla Rangla (Marathi)- For his soulful rendition reflecting the agony of unfulfilled emotions.

BEST FEMALE PLAYBACK SINGER: Shreya Ghoshal for the song(s) Pherari Mon & Jeev Dangla Gungla Rangla (Bengali & Marathi)- for her wide ranging rendition of
human emotions.

For a full list of awards click here.


A lot of people are questioning the validity of these awards, because the jury is never really acknowledged and no one knows who the nominees are, so it's kind of sketch. But of all the film awards that go on in India (to my knowledge) these seem the closest to being somewhat valid and the closest reflection of the critics' choice.

So there's a lot of outrage as to why Hindi Films got so many nods (particularly Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Roadside Romeo). I can't really sit here and argue which is deserving and which isn't because I'm not well versed with all the other regional films made. I read an insane amount of hateful comments (all on one website, though) about Priyanka Chopra's win being an undeserved one. Putting my die-hard fanaticism aside, I watched Fashion again yesterday. I really, truly, do think that was her career's best thus far (I think her best is yet to come). To be a hundred percent honest the first time I watched it I thought she did well, but it was the second time around that I really noticed what a fantastic job her performance was. I think a lot of people might be upset at her winning because she's a super mainstream-commercial-epitome-of-Bollywood actress who does films like "Pyaar Impossible." Or I might just sound like a crazed fan giving an irrational argument, I can't decide. Anyway, the last time the Best Actress Award was given to a Hindi film actress was in 2002 (Tabu for Chandni Bar) so, irrespective of what people have to say, props to PC! Arjun receiving Best Supporting, does make me wonder a teeny bit. He did a good job, no doubt. I even mentioned how I felt that he was underrated, but think about Paresh Rawal's performance in Mumbai Meri Jaan. I mean, there's no denying he owned the role in true Paresh fashion. Or even his role(s) in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Speaking of Mumbair Meri Jaan, I do wish it was recognized a little more. For what? I don't know, but I do know it was a good film. Laastly, What did Kangana do differently in Fashion from any of her other films? Okay, that's just me hating... but I do kind of mean that.

The dissection of these awards could go on and on so I'm just going to end this, but before I do...

Can I get a "HELL YEAH!" for (my absolute absolute favorite) Shreya Ghoshal on her win for two songs?? This is her FOURTH National Award win and she's only twenty-five! [Btw, if you're curious she's won for: Bairi Piya (Devdas), Dheere Jalna (Paheli), and Yeh Ishq Hai (Jab We Met)]

"Wah-Wah" Worthy Reality TV

Another weekend, another line up of videos.

Dance India Dance

Before I do this past weekends, there's one I forgot to post from last weekend that I think deserves a nod. Kruti Mahesh's performance in the "Dance ki Kasowti." Firstly, I think she's a strong contender to make it near, if not to, the finals. One of those "slowly but surely" situations. Secondly, a dance to a shayari/kavita fused with "Albela" from HDDCS what. a. concept. Terrance was right, there is no one but Kruti who would do justice to the performance. I adore this:

Onto this week. I really really liked almost every dance barring a few so I'm having a really hard time picking which ones I loved the most. First choice is obvious, our lady-love Shakti, who performed a hat trick and got a Grand Salute from Mithun for the third consecutive week. Something similar happened to Salman (last year's winner) then he had a dip, but came out a winner. Anyway the Shakti-Kunwar duo performed to "Aankhon ki Gustakhiyan" from HDDCS. Props to Terrance, he reinvents played out songs with his innovative choreography/themes. First Khuda Jaane and now this song.

Next performance is Binny's from Dance ki Kasowti. I'm going to secretly admit I didn't like her in the tryout rounds, but she's really proved herself through her performances once the actual show began. This act, in particular, won my respect for her. Whenever she's using the metal contraption (that moves beyond her control) there isn't a trace of trepidation to be seen on her face. Seee for yourself. Binny dancing to O Re Piya from Aaja Nachle:

Next is a typical Dharmesh act a.k.a amazing no words to be said, but I will say that I'm ready to see something new from him. I realize I'm probably going to be taken to the gallows for that comment. Don't get me wrong I REALLY REALLY enjoy his performances and he is, undoubtedly, one of the bests in his forte', but for the sake of versatility I would love to see something else. I don't doubt he could do it. Anyway here's his dance to "Churake Dil Mera" from Main Khiladi Tu Anari:

Laaastly, is another "slowly but surely" type: Parvez Rehmani. What a talented guy. His performance to "Beete Lamhe" from The Train was a completely different genre from his previous hip-hop performance to "Pag Ghungroo" I can't wait to see what he does next, until then watch this:

Music Ka Maha Muqabla

First up we've got the talented (and winner of Star Voice of India- chote Ustaads) Aishwarya Majmudar singing "Laga Chunari Mein Daag" it's really refreshing to hear it in a female voice. No embedding allowed so click here to watch :)

Next fave video was Sharib Sabri's performance to, his own creation, O Soniyo from Raaz 2. I can't get the entire video because the MKMM account uploads the episode, not by performances, but by time limit. Grr. So here's the second half of his preformance. You can still get a feel for why it was so amazing. I felt like "jhooming" while listening to this:

...until next week!

January 21, 2010

Awards Season: Filmfare

Guess what???

YOU can have a hand in voting for the Filmfare Awards. It doesn't specify, but my guess is that it's for the "popular" category, but who cares? You get to vote for Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actor Female.

Click Here to Vote!

My list as follows:

1) 3 idiots
2) Anurag Kashyap for Dev D
3) Amir Khan
4) ... haven't decided yet. Too torn. I haven't even narrowed it down from this lengthy list:
Konkona Sen Sharma (for Wake Up Sid)
Priyanka Chopra (for Kaminey),
Kareena Kapoor (for Kurbaan),
Vidya Balan (for Paa)
or Mahi Gill (for Dev D).

In all honesty I think my heart strings are tugging at Priyanka Chopra or Mahi Gill... maybe Kareena? I don't want to turn away from the other performances though. Like I said, I'm torn.

Awards Season: Stardust Awards

Pictorials from the Stardust Awards for your viewing pleasure.

Neetu Singh is a gem. If I age half as gracefully as she I'll be more than happy.

Sophie Chaudhry donning a luscious red Alberta Ferretti gown.

I'm pretty sure you could give Lara Dutta a sack and she would make it look good. I absolute LOVE what she is wearing here.

Ladies in Leger:

I'm just going to say it. Back when Twinkle Khanna was acting I thought she was SO pretty. Now she's considered one of Bollywood's few fashionistas. I'm glad I always supported her. What I would give to own a Leger Bandage Dress, what I would give to own a McQueen Skull clutch, what I would give to have Akshay as arm candy. Alas, I have none of these so I shall vicariously live through Twinkle 'Tina' Khanna...Kumar? I do wish she omitted the necklace, but it wouldn't be a complete Twinkle outfit without her usual statement necklace.

Is it just me or is Sridevi ALWAYS wearing black/navys? Just sayin'. She, too, wore Herve Leger to the function and looks loverly.

These were a few photos that caught my eye if I come across more I'll be sure to update.

[Photo Sources: High Heel confidential, Hamara Photos]

January 20, 2010

Awards Season: Star Screen Awards

Some photos from The Star Screen Awards:

OMG, I am in love with that sari. If only, ohhh, if only it weren't transparent. Diehard fan of that color combo.

By George, she's done it again:

The Sari and Vidya Balan were made for each other. How lovely does she look?


[Photo Source: High Heel Confidential, Hamara Photos]

Awards Season: Apsara Awards

It's the most wonderful time of the year, awards season is here! More than the actual (usually unjust)awards, I really just enjoy seeing the film industry come together, the performances (though these days they're 80% flashy and 20% dance. Sad story) and to reflect on how much has changed... and lately I've enjoyed seeing what they wear because India is finally stepping up their game when it comes to attire at award functions. We have a while to go before it's anything like Umrika's, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The first of the awards show was the Apsara Awards (to air on NDTV Imagine April 12), then The Star Screen Awards (to air on Star Plus) and the most recently held Stardust Awards (to air on one of the Sonys). I'll refrain from mentioning who won what in case you want to watch when they're aired. At the end of the season, I'll tally everything up. It will be fun to reflect, no? Yes. Until then... here are some pictures from the Apsara Awards for you to salivate over.

Look at who finally made up:

Finally! The real sari is making a comeback. By "real" I mean no over-the-top-blingified slutacious blouses. It's so classy, and beautifully epitomizes the Indian female. WHY don't actresses sport this more often? Surriously.

What an absolutely lovely shade of pink (coral?) and it really compliments her skin tone. She looks ethereal.

Dia... Dia, Dia, Dia. Will you ever give me a reason to hate you?

Looking at this photo, I want to refer to her as Jaya Bhaduri instead of Bachchan. She looks rejuvinated.

[Photo Sources: High Heel Confidential, Hamara Photos]

Promos, Trailers and Friends

Thanks to my hiatus I have plenty of trailers to show you. Yaaaay.

First off we finally get a glimpse of Prakash Jha's, much talked about, RAJNEETI. Eeks.

Watch the trailer, then we shall discuss:

I said "eeks" earlier because it's going to be hella interesting to see Arjun Rampal, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in this type of film. I won't be surprised if Rampalshines, he's an underrated actor. As for the latter two, I hope it displays a new dimension in their actings skills. More than Ranbir though, it's Katrina I'm anxious to see. I'm curious to see how she handles the role.

Neeext we've got a song promo of KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK featuring the song Uff Teri Ada (psssst, the music has released, but I have yet to check it out. Let me know if you have). Oh boo, embedding's been disabled so here's the link, enjoy! The song is nothing special, maybe a little catchy. I like the picturisation of it though. It seems like it develops their relationship and characters well.

Lastly, here are a bunch of song promos for VEER. Oh boo embedding has been disabled AGAIN. Is it because people like me post it on blogs?? Doesn't that help their promotion though? Odd. I'll just have to, graciously, provide the links I suppose.

Meherbaniyan Promo
Surili Akhiyon Wale Promo
Taali Promo: This was picturised almost exactly how I had envisioned it. Creepy. Also, isn't Neena Gupta a little too old to be playing (what she was once best at) 'nautanki'esque roles? (Sidenote: If you can't remember who Neena Gupta is, think the other chick from Choli Ke Peeche.)

I get the same creeped out feeling from all the Veer promos as I did while watching Lucky- no time for love. The sets and costume are all well done and I appreciate it. It's just personal taste, I don't like it.

"Wah-Wah" Worthy Reality TV

So I've been really bad at this and missed last weekend, but I promise I'll be consistent starting this weekend!

Here are the top three performances from DID from this past weekend and one from the weekend before. I have a lot, but for length's sake I'm going to post a few to keep it short.

Yes, there's a huge Shakti bias going on on this site... haha, but this dance is just so lovely!

I knew Parvez was good but this dance just proves him to be near the ranks of Dharmesh. This was just pure entertainment, I loved every moment of it.

And anyone who follows the show, or even if they don't most probably have seen this AMAZING number by Kunwar and... who else? Shakti. I used to love the song "Khuda Jaane", then it got played out and now watching it again I've falling in love all over again. What a beautiful dance and HOW CLEAN ARE SHAKTI'S LINES?

Onto MKMM here are four videos I recall loving. Forgive if I've missed some, this is what happens when you don't update consistently. Sigh.

This one's for the classical lovers a la moi. Man Mohana from the film Seema rendered wonderfully by Anwesha:

A classic and one of my all-time favorite songs, Nah To Caravan from the film Barsaat Ki Raat, rendered by Abhaas:

This next fave. performance came as a surprise. I didn't really know about Neeti Mohan, but I figured she must be talented if Shankar picked her to be on his team. This performance to Namak Laga was well done. Her attitude was perfect and her dancing just added to the performance. After the performance I was google-ing her when I realized I've seen her live! She sang at the A.R. Rehman concert. The entire concert we were trying to figure out who this talented chick was and a year and some odd months later my question's been answered. Hooray! Sorry for the rant, but I was excited:

Laaastly, how I could I NOT post something Shreya-related? Her live performances sound like a recording! I only hope to hear her live someday. this is her performance of "Yeh Zindagi Ussi Ki Hai" from the film Anarkali.

sorry I didn't really provide much analysis or opinion in this post, but in the weeks to come I'll do it I promise!

January 8, 2010

Forthcoming Films

KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY (KHJJS): Before anything, can I just say how old school that poster looks? Like a flop movie from 1995. Just saying. Anyway, it's directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar, stars Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and is produced by Ashutosh Gowariker Productions and PVR Pictures. The release date is undecided but is expected to be sometime at the end of 2010. KHJJS is based on Manini Chatterjee's book Do and Die: The Chittagong Uprising 1930-1934.

I feel like I wouldn't be able to sum up the uprising properly so here's a link to the Wikipedia article. I have no idea how accurate it is. It's nice to see a film will be showcasing what present-day Bangladesh was like in the pre-independence era. I'm not sure if Bangladesh allows Bollywood films to be shot there. I'm going to guess not because they've been shooting in Goa. Hm, I wonder why they didn't film in West Bengal? On another note, let's hope Manini is aware of how much of the film is based on the book and where in the film she's going to recieve credit ;) Glad to see Gowarikar is slipping back into his comfort zone after the disastrous What's Your Rashee? The film originally had Asin the leading role, but she opted out a month after signing claiming the role wasn't substantial enough. I wonder what the script of London Dreams had over this one? Maybe her choosiness is a result of London Dreams not doing well? So many question, no answers so let's just move onto the next film.

ATITHI TUM KAB JAAOGE? Directed by Ashwani Dhir, stars Konkona Sen Sharma and Ajay Devgan and produced by Wide Frames Films and Warner Bros. The film's about a distant relative (Paresh Rawal) who overstays his welcome in a happily married couple's home. Licences to Wed anyone? Paresh looks very Baburao Ganpatrao Apte from Hera Pheri, but this looks so funny and the following picture literally made me l-o-l:

The film's expected to release February 26, 2010.

Next up we have a Shyam Benegal movie, yaaaay. He's going the comedy route again, after Welcome to Sajjanpur, with WELL DONE ABBA which was formerly titled Abba ka Kuan. It stars Boman Irani, Minnisha Lamba, Sameer Dattani, and Ila Arun This film, too, is inspired by a book! I'm not even going to make jokes about whether it'll be controversial or what not because that's so beneath Benegal's caliber. Anyway the books he was inspired by were Narsaiyyan Ki Bavdi (I really want to say that word is "bawli") by Jeelani Bano and Phulwa Ka Pul by Sanjeev and a short film. The plot is about Arman Ali (Boman Irani) who takes leave from his work in Mumbai to find a groom for his daughter (Minnisha Lamba) who lives somewhere near Hyderabad (represent!). He goes back to his job after three months where he's waiting to be fired. Story's simple but I can't wait to see how Benegal plays it all out. It's going to be cool to see Irani under Shyam's direction. What a talented combo. Also, I'm really happy that Lamba was casted, I feel like she has potential. Even though Yahaan (her debut film) wasn't appreciated I fell in love with her in it and I think she did well with what she had in the story Pooranmasi in Dus Kahaniyaan. Maybe I just like seeing her in conservative roles, which may be the case for this film too.

Well friends, I'm pretty tired but watch out for posts mentioning 'Action Replay' starring Jr. Bachchan and Wifey Rai-Bachchan, 'Striker' starring Southern sensation Siddharth (best alliteration ever) and 'Crooked' starring Farhan Akthar, Hrithik Roshan and a third unsure party. Whoa, all those titles are in English.

Peace out.

[Photo Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama]

"Wah-Wah" Worthy Reality TV

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm an Indian reality TV fiend. Particularly the talent show ones. I'm aware of all the flaws and how some of the drama's fabricated, but I don't care. Two shows I'm currently following are Music Ka Maha Muqabla (MKMM) and Dance India Dance (DID). MKMM has a stellar judge line up (Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Himmesh Reshammiya, Mohit Chauhan and Mika), but the only downfall of the show is that it's filmed in a concert atmosphere so the competition focuses on performances and hype as opposed to raw talent. It will pick up pace soon though, I hope.

I decided to post standout performances from this past weekend and will hopefully continue to do so every weekend.

Anyway here are my favorite videos from DID from this past week:

The beginning is cut off and I'm so pissed, but here's Shakti performing to Loosen Up My Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls. Because she's a trained dancer, she takes the performance from trashy sexy to pure sultry, something rarely seen in India (in my opinion). Be sure to listen to Mithun's reaction, it's hilarious:

On Saturday almost ALL the performances were amazing so this was one I could think of off the top of my head. He's pretty much captured everyone's heart. It's not that well known, but Dharmesh was the winner of Boogie Woogie's Mahayudh or maybe it was Ustaadon Ke Ustaad (can't remember the title) competition about a year maybe two ago.

America's a week behind in MMKM. Star Plus is so annoying when it comes to reality TV. Zee and Sony always have their ish up to date w/ us. Anyway here's my fave performance for the weekend:

Vineet, who was the runner up of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005 went on to participate in other singing shows such as Joh Jeeta Wohi Superstar and now MKMM. Personally, I'm not that big of a fan, but there's no denying he's talented:

More next week :)

January 7, 2010

Musical Madness

Music for MY NAME IS KHAN released in India today! I am eagerly eagerly anticipating to listen to it. After hearing a clip in the Sajda promo, I think we may have a potential love affair in the making. Anyway, here's the incredibly promising audio list:

The music is directed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and lyrics by Niranjan Iyengar who's better known for writing dialogues.

1)Allah Hi Rahem
Singers: Ustad Rashid Khan

2)Khan Theme

3)Noor E Khuda
Singers: Adnan Sami, Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal

4)Rang De
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Suraj Jagan

Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shankar Mahadevan, Richa Sharma

6)Tere Naina
Singers: Shafqat Amanat Ali

Also, my verdict on VEER is a good one. I wasn't disappointed by the tracks at all. I like the songs in this order:

1) Kanha - A sultry Rekha Bhardwaj thumri... there's no going wrong. I just really, really love this style of music.

2) Salaam Aaya - A playful romantic number that hits all the right chords (pun intended).

3) Taali- Chorus version - Sukhwinder Singh's fierce voice is matched with a lot of percussion. This could have potentially been number two, but the song gets a little too repetitive.

4) Surili Ahkiyon Duet - I hate to see a Rahat number so far down on my list! All the other songs are just that good and this number doesn't sound all that different from his other tracks, but it's still lovely and I really like the lyrics.

5) Meherbaniyaan - This song I was disappointed with. I was hoping to hear some magic from Sonu Nigam, though he didn't let down with his singing (does he ever?). This song just hits me the wrong way and sounds out of place with the rest of tracks. I think it's supposed to be an upbeat old Western piece, but I'm personally not feeling it but again Sonu Nigam's singing is commendable.

Overall the songs are good the first time around but really grow on you. The only ones I instantly loved were Kanha and Salaam Aaya.

Promos, Trailers and Friends

Wohoo! The first teaser of KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK finally dropped!

A little birdie tells me (and I do mean that almost literally because I'm referring to Twitter) that Karsh Kale is helping with the background score! Along with Midival Punditz and Farhan Akhtar. If you're in the dark about who Karsh Kale and Midival Punditz are, they're both amazing fusion artists. I can't express how soulful and soothing their music is so I'm going to leave you with this video I stumbled upon with both of them performing at The Paleo Festival in Geneva. You're seriously in for a treat:

If you're curious, the soundtrack is being directed by the Amar Akbar Anthony of music Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

Another promo for Rann has been released. This one's a song promo titled "Vande Mataram":

I know I'm supposed to feel really empowered by this, but the only thing that really intrigues me in this entire mess of a trailer is Riteish. The rest of it is so stereotypical Ram Gopal Varma that I've become immune to it. You?

All Izzn't Well

... but MOST izz well with 3 IDIOTS.

Let's start with the plus points. To begin with, this movie was easily one of the most anticipated movies of the year so obviously it had a huge opening weekend. Number two, not only did it open huge it totally met up to ALL the hype that was built up before the release. This film is breaking records and here are some stats to prove it. According to India's Business Standard Newspaper, 3 Idiots has made 51 million dollars (2.4 billion rupees) from the global market taking the title of the biggest Bollywood blockbuster, moving Ghajini down a spot which had made 2.25 billion rupees.

Truth be told, I was really nervous about this movie for two reasons. Firstly, Amir Khan (AK) was to be playing a college student, how on earth was that going to be pulled off? But it somehow did. I caught myself trying to disassociate myself from the charm, while watching the movie, to see if he did look too old for the part but I couldn't see it so AK succeeded. Who's surprised though? Secondly, how many directors manage a hat trick? Let alone a newbie director? Rajkumar Hirani met awesome success with his directorial debut, Munnabhai M.B.B.S.. He then went on to create a sequel, Lage Raho Munnabhai and proved the skeptics wrong and the nation was swept with Gandhigiri. Could he really have a third superhit? Welp, he did... who thinks he can go for a fourth with Munnabhai Chale Amerika?

Now for the negative... er 'negative.' Those who keep up with the Bollywood world know that 3 Idiots was inspired by Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT. Now those of you who really really keep up with the Bollywood world/live in India know that there is/was a feud between Bhagat and The 3 idiots team. So here's what I've gathered: Chetan, like any blogger, expressed how he felt on his blog. He felt cheated. Upon reading the script, he was under the impression that the film was only going to be 5% of his book. After watching the film, he claims there were countless similarities and that he he wasn't recognized properly. Which, irrespective of how much was borrowed, I do think the film makers should have given recognition at the beginning instead of the ending during the credits. At the same time, however, Bhagat should've paid attention while signing the contract. So, in my opinion, it goes both ways. Also, during a press conference with the 3 Idiots teams one duffer of a journalist inquired/accused the team about the Bhagat controversy without having read the book. So Mr. Chopra doesn't have any of it and speaks without thinking and the journalists, in turn, are outraged and demand an apology. I'm reminded of a scene out of some sort of Madhur Bandharkar film. Watch the video:

To my knowledge, no solution was really reached just a lot of drama but the dispute's finally ended.

January 2, 2010

Trailers, Promos and Friends

I wish I had an excuse for my hiatus from blogging, but I don't. I let winter break get the best of me and I went into 100% lazy mode. So I apologize.

Here are some overdue trailers and stills:

Here's the first song promo, Sajda, from MY NAME IS KHAN:

The song is so divine. I can't wait to hear it in its entirety. I'm also pleased to see the Shajol (as the duo's been christened) magic is alive and evident. I was afraid it wouldn't meet up to it's insanely high expectations thanks to the hype.

Next up is RGV (Ram Gopal Verma)'s upcoming film, RANN. It features Riteish Deshmukh, Amitabh Bachchan, Sudeep, Neetu Chandra, Mohnish Behl, Paresh Rawal and Gul Panag. I'm happy/surprised Riteish was casted, even if RGV films haven't been up to par as of late. Hopefully it will reveal a shade of Riteish's acting skills we haven't seen before. Paresh, it appears, will be taking on the role of a villain. Something we haven't seen a while and something he is pretty freakin' good at.

The film's plot centers around the corruption of the media. An appropriate topic to approach because, evidently, there has been a lot of resentment toward the media in India as of late. According to the celebs, anyway but do they ever like the media?? Anyhow check out this trailer of RANN:

After the success of his two critically acclaimed films (Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! )Dibakar Banerjee is ready to drop his latest directorial venture, LOVE, SEX, AUR DHOKA also known as LSD. The film is about voyeurism and was inspired by an incident that occurred in Delhi. Apparently, a girl was getting intimate with her boy toy while he recorded her on his phone and later sent a mass text with the footage and soon it went viral all over Delhi. Sound familiar? Anurag Kashyap featured a similar scene in Dev D. The Delhi incident isn't the only instance and these scandals have caused quite some drama. Director Banerjee says,
The film is not just about the MMS scandal but shows what happens before it. It is about love in our real life and love in Bollywood. It is about what media makes of spy camera investigations
. he also goes on to say it's about "the digital eyes that surround us everywhere." It's a bold film and I'm excited to see what he does with it. The film's produced by the queen of telly, Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures. I love how the topic of her soaps are so insanely unrealistic (I'm guilty of watching some, though) and this movie touches upon a very real subject. See for yourself, check out this trailer:

Lastly, here is the movie poster for KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK. Deepika looks freaksihly like Priyanka Chopra... again. Last time I thought that was in Om Shanti Om.

Oh and if for some freakish reason you haven't caught the My Name Is Khan trailer check it out! We've seen the Bollywood touch on the terrorist drama multiple times before (most recent being Kurbaan) but because of the big names involved this one seems like it may come out a winner, plus the whole autism twist helps. Which, that angle too, isn't all that original. Taare Zameen Par, Koi Milgaya, Main Aisa Hi Hoon all feature a character with a type of disability. I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Here's the trailer:

Lots more to blog about. Hopefully I'll have it up by tomorrow night!