December 18, 2009

Am I Nuts? Sisters From Another Mister

Mmm... maybe not "sisters from another mister" in this case but more like long-lost-daughter or something like that.

A couple of days ago Chaudvin Ka Chand was on TV, and as a devout Waheeda fan (and even Guru Dutt and that entire camp) it was only appropriate I watch it again. So I did. As I'm watching something strikes me that never has before...

Doesn't Sonam Kapoor look like Waheeda Rehman? Not a carbon copy or anything, but there are definitely "jhalaks" er factors that strongly remind me of her. Both of them have large expressive eyes and semi-pouty lips on their beautifully petite faces. Here's a picture of the two. You decide:

Now, I don't know if I'm really delayed in making this comparison and if it's a commonly said thing or... I am completely nuts. I'm going to go ahead and guess that it's not a commonly said thing because remember when Cine Blitz launched their book? The cover was an homage to Pyaasa in which they had Katrina Kaif pose as Waheeda. Still scratching my head on that one... it should have OBVS been Sonam! Again, I could be really off because I go through phases where I make really outrageous comparisons. When I went through my Shilpa Shetty phase, I thought Jennifer Aniston looked like her. When I went through my Dimple Kapadia phase, I thought Sandra Bullock looked like her (I still agree with that one).

Anyway, holla at a sista and let me know what you thank!

p.s. I'm not sure why this thought didn't dawn on me when they starred together in Delhi 6 together. Odd.

December 13, 2009

Am I Nuts? "Inspiration"

Once, a long time ago (in a far away land), I did some major Sharmila Tagore stalking via Youtube so now I get suggestions to watch videos of hers and one such video was the song "Kisi Raah Mein" from Mere Hamsafar. I forgot what a gem-of-a-song it was so I decided to watch/listen to it. As am I'm listening, I feel like I'm experiencing deja vu and I can't decide why when it dawns upon me. I'm listening to the words "mere humsafar" with that classic beat from the song "mere humsafar" from Refugee.

One of Anu Malik's most celebrated pieces, "Mere Humsafar" from Refugee wasn't as original as we'd hoped. I know Anu is notorious for jacking tunes and such, but I really wish Refugee wasn't on that list of stolen/inspired tunes. Alright, so it's not completely stolen but that note-worthy tabla-beat in the background of the song "Mere Humsafar" was used in "Kisi Raah Mein." Coincidence? I think not. Maybe it is, but that's doubtful. Here are both the videos. Am I nuts??

Kisi Raah Mein If you haven't heard this song before wait 'til 0:21 to understand why I find them similar:

Mere Humsafar:

P.S. I'm mad, but the song "Mere Humsafar" is way too divine to dislike. I used to equally credit Anu, Alka and Sonu. Now Sonu and Alka get a little more than Anu, that's all.

Musical Madness

OMFG, I think the music of Veer is going to be awe-some. I should've thought twice about it, but didn't and now I've come across an audio list of the songs and judging from the titles/singers/lyricists it seems like it's going to be good stuff. Here's the list, judge for yourself:

The music directors are Sajid-Wajid and the lyrics by the oh-so poetic Gulzaar Saab (I feel like it's, almost, sinful to not add the 'saab' after his name).

1)Kanha - Thumri
Singers: Rekha Bhardwaj, Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri, Shabaab Sabri

: Sonu Nigam

3)Salaam Aaya
Roop Kumar Rathod, Shreya Ghoshal

4)Spirit Of Veer - Instrumental

5)Surili Akiyon Wale
: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Suzanne D'Mello

6)Surili Akiyon Wale - Duet
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Suzanne D'Mello

Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam, Wajid, Neuman Pinto

8)Taali - Solo
Sukhwinder Singh

Okay, an album that features Sonu Nigaam, Shreya Ghoshal, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Roopkumar Rathod, The (new age) Sabri Brothers, Rekha Bhardwaj and a Thumri (yeah, I'm an old woman at heart)... you've got to be REALLY talented in order to screw that one up. I am hyped. I love when good soundtracks come out because I want to prove all the folks (who's 'all'? The haters on Youtube, artists from yesteryear, etc.) that in this day and age we DO have awesome talent and can create legendary, traditional INDIAN music. No pressure, Sajid-Wajid.

The music is expected to release December 18th.

If my ramblings weren't enough, LISTEN TO... rather than check out, this VEER promo of 'Salaam Aaya.' I highly suggest you play the video, but not watch it the first time through. It's more charming to simply listen to it.

Noooo, it won't let me embed it! They just put it up three hours ago, maybe some rookie did it. Here's the link: Salaam Aaya


December 12, 2009

Promos, Trailers and Friends

Finally, something that falls in the "friends" category. This isn't a trailer, but more like a sneak peek that aired in India on Star One. A sneak peek of what, you ask? MY NAME IS KHAN a.k.a. the HIGHLY HIGHLY anticipated film reuniting the magical trio Kajol, Shahkrukh Khan and Karan Johar.

Once the real thing is up on the internet I will put that here stat, but until then enjoy this boot-legged version (okay, I don't support piracy, etc. BUT COME ON IT'S MNIK!)

December 11, 2009


Two MORE actors have jumped on the "ripped-six-pack-yeaaah" (read in jock voice) bandwagon. Mr. Riteish Deshmukh (for Housefull) and Emraan Hashmi (for Once Upon A Time in Mumbai).

I'll admit, Riteish's 'new look' makes me go "damn" but... I still cringe looking at Emraan Hashmi.

Riteish Deshmukh

Emraan Hashmi

[Photo Source: Glam Sham]

Happy Birthday, Legend!

I don't think I'll be celebrating every single celebrity's birthday on here, but when you're a legend, it's a must. So...

Happy 87th Birthday to Yusuf "Dilip Kumar" Khan!

Mr. Kumar has been associated with some of the greatest films in India Cinema. He holds the most award for "Filmfare Best Actor"(eight) and was honored the Dadasaheb Phalke Award so it's safe to say he's the REAL King Khan though his nickname "Tragedy King" is fitting. It's so awesome to have an actor from the Golden Era alive today. When Mughal-E-Azam was re-released in color, he was the only existing cast memeber. Imagine!

Just wanted to wish the big guy, that's all :)

[Photo Source: Movie Talkies]

Internat'l Appearance

Yippie Ay Oh Kye Ay! Priyanka Chopra is currently in South Africa gearing up to be one of the ten judges for the Miss World contest. HOLLER! Okay, so I guess it shouldn't be that surprising or exciting seeing how she is an alumni of the competition.

Priyanka Chopra won the Miss World competition in the year 2000 at the tender age of 18, apparently one of the youngest winners. Here's a video of her crowning moment:

I held my breath when they announced the winner as if I didn't already know results.


India has held the Miss World title five times.


Reita Faria Miss World 1966

Aishwarya Rai Miss World 1994

Diana Hayden Miss World 1997

Yukta Mookhey Miss world 1999

Priyanka Chopra Miss World 2000

Seriously, how cool must it be to say "Yeah, I was Miss World 2000." Nobody will get to have that cool of a year in the next 990 years.

Promos, Trailers and Friends

Stills of KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK (KCK) have finally slipped out! Quick sidenote: does the title 'Karthik Calling Karthik' remind you of "Kramer VS Kramer"? Me too. Anyway check the stills out!

I really like the close-up shot. Something very chilling in the way Deepika's looking at the camera.

Next fillum. I'm so so so ashamed, I didn't know about this film earlier. I came across it while doing some Vidya Balan stalking. It's titled ISHQIYA, slated to release January 29th, directed by Abhishek Chaubhey (writer for Omkara), produced by Shemaroo Ent. & Vishal Bhardwaj and stars Naseerudding Shah, Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan. I accidentally read a plot of the story, but I think it may have revealed too much so I'll spare you the info. Watch the trailer and enjoy! Um... since the film IS associated with Vishal Bhardwaj don't be surprised by the vulgar language. Just warnin' ya!

at 0:46 I'm reminded of 'City of God', you? This looks like it could work... for a select crowd. Omkara, obviously, had a lot of the same flavor as this movie but it also had a lot of big names that brought in a crowd who, otherwise, wouldn't enjoy such films. Just a guess, anyway. It will probably receive a lot of critical acclaim. What do you think?

So, I randomly caught this on TV the other day and remember reading about it a while ago. It completely slipped my mind to post it here until I saw it on TV. The film is titled RAAT GAYI BAAT GAYI (RGBG), starring Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak & Rajat Kapoor, directed by Saurabh Shukla, and produced by Rangita Pritish Nandy & Rajat Kapoor. It's slated to release on New Years Eve... hm ironic (once you watch the trailer, you'll understand). Anyway, Vinay and Rajat are both fine actors and I've always said that I'm probably the only Neha Dhupia fan out there (alllright, so from the looks of it, I'm a lot of celebs' fans. I guess it's why I love the movie industry!). It has already won a lot of acclaim at many film festivals, which doesn't surprise me. So check out this lovely trailer:

Yes, yes, yes I realize it seems heavily inspired by The Hangover and most people are probably under that impression which is why Director Saurabh had a statement ready to deny it. He says,
"It's untrue; both these films are nothing alike. Let me clarify that I started Raat Gayi Baat Gayi much before The Hangover was made. I thought of Raat Gayi Baat Gayi when I attended a certain house party a while back. I was feeling terribly bored and kept staring at people aimlessly. The next morning, I narrated the episode to Rajat, who suggested that I write a story revolving around a party. That's how the story of Raat Gayi Baat Gayi took shape."

Since I want to believe it, I'm going to. It is a pretty simple storyline.

Next up. I've held back from showing you every single Rocket Singh promo there's been, cause there are a lot. But this one I had to... it has Gauhar Khan (the chick at 0:13). :)

Not sure why I'm still dropping promos of the films seeing as how it just released today. An insider of Filmfare who just got done watching the film and I mean JUST got done (technology, how I love thee) says,
"Rocket Singh, definitely one of the best movies this year!. Ranbir as a sardar is awesome, so is supporting cast"
I'm also reading from others that...
"[it] orbits sales world charmingly. Adorable, drama-free, super-witty, superbly paced-story & dialogues. Plot flows smoothly."
"Jerry Maguiresque sincerity rooted in Indian middle class values and the degenerate crprt culture of the last decade"

Woohoo! Hope all this is true.

That's all for now, folks!

[Photo Source: Miday Masala]

Am I Nuts? Sisters From Another Mister

So about a year or two ago, I went on a wild wild rampage searching for the movie 'Rang.' I don't know why. It wasn't a hit, but I HAD TO WATCH IT... mostly because I'm a Divya Bharti fan (I don't know if it's because she's forever young, or what but I love her). Anywhere it was NOWHERE to be found on the internet, which is just really bizarre because every movie and their mom is on the internet. Anyway, now when it comes on TV I feel it is only my duty to watch or DVR it. It's only come on twice... a couple of days ago being the second time. Anywaaay, I was watching it today and I cannot get over how similar Anushka Sharma and Divya Bharati look. I said it right when I saw the promos for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and I'll say it again. They should have used Anushka in Om Shanti Om because I'm convinced the story of the film was inspired by Divya's death.

Anyway, I pulled together a picture of the two sisters from another mister and I want your opinion. Am I nuts?? Holler at a sister.

December 7, 2009


PAA released this weekend and, as was expected, is doing wonderfully or as my cheesy title suggests, 'Paa-tastic.'

Like I said earlier, I try to refrain from reading reviews until I've seen the film myself. What I've gathered, though, is that it's a feel good film that is definitely worth watching because it's a different story told in a heart-warming manner. That's pretty much the universal opinion. Amit Ji is to have done a phenomenal job. Such a good job that people forget it's him playing 'Auro.' And recieiving just as much hype as Big B, is NOT Jr. Bachchan, but Ms. Balan! I'm really, really happy to hear that. She claims she hasn't recieved this much attention since Parineeta. I freaking loved her in Parineeta. Mr. Masand (famed critic) tweeted this while watching the film:
"Best Actress race just widened. Priyanka (Kaminey), Konkona (LBC), Kareena (Kurbaan) please make room for Vidya Balan. She's superb in Paa."
I felt like Vidya was cheated out of awards for her performance in Bhool Bhulaiyaa. I mean I was, legitimately, mortified during the 'exorcism' scene but then again Kareena was also really deserving that year. Wow, my heart just warmed at the thought of all the talented actresses currently in Bollywood. Anyway, Rajeev Masand also went on to say that she carried the film (along with AB, of course). I don't know why, but I'm really excited. Like a child of mine is being praised or something. Remember when I posted the promo and I said I liked the scene where they're jumping in the puddle? I feel like I subconsciously knew... haha okay, yes I realize I'm getting carried away. Any how the premiere was as star-studded as ever... here are a few pictorials for you to enjoy!

The Bachchan Family

Kabbab mein haddi (third wheel), Vidya. JK, it's Aish who should feel weird since she's not in the film.

Big B w/, I'm assuming, the kids in the film. He looks genuinely happy.

SRK charming the charming Vidya. I love this.

The 3 Idiots team also showed face and Amir Khan ACTUALLY suited up! (he never goes the whole 9 yards w/ formal clothing)

I couldn't resist, I had to show the twinkiness.

The premiere also saw: Kajol & Ajay Devgan, Dia Mirza, Shamita Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini, Tina Ambani (wow lots of yesteryear actors), Jacqueline Fernandez, Yash Chopra, Akshay Kumar, Juhi Chawla, Mahdevan, Twinkle Khanna, Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar, Neeta Lulla... really this list goes on and on and on. Basically if you're someone who is anyone, you were there.

The following pics are from a press meet held right before the release. Vidya looked stunning and because my cousin finds her to be "lajawaab" (don't blame him) I thought I'd post these as well:

The whole married angle looks pretty damn believable here.

She OWNS both of her Sabyasachi Saris at both events, agree?

Anyway, that's enough Vidya Balan PR work for the day :)

[Photo Source: Hamara Photos]

Forthcoming Films

So, this completely slipped my mind in my past 'Forthcoming Films' posts.

ANJAANA ANJAANI starring Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor (definitely just wrote 'Priyanka Kapoor and Ranbir Chopra' it was awkward, but don't those names flow?, directed by Siddharth Anand of Salaam Namaste/Ta Ra Rum Pum/Bachna Ae Haseeno fame and produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.. Judging from his previously directed movies I guess it's safe to assume this is going to be another young, life as an 'NRI' flick. The only difference with this film compared to his previous ones is that it's under a different production camp, but what a difference that's made. When I think of his three previous movies I automatically imagine the title to be in bright yellow/blue/white colors (am I alone on that?), and the leading duo dressed in flamboyantly colored yet trendy clothes. I'm really digging this sleek monochromatic mature-clothing look. It really speaks volumes about the film.

The film is slated to release October 1, 2010. Hoo-wee. They just started shooting for it, so makes sense. Priyanka Chopra just recently returned from a shooting schedule in Bangkok for the film (Shahid Kapoor was also there for another film. They supposedly had din din... maybe for closure's sake). I have high hopes for this Priyanka-Ranbir jodi.

[photo source: HHC]

Trailers, Promos and Friends

Man, the promos just never stop dropping. I'm not complaining. They're not spectacular by any means, but I'll take it.

A lovey-dovey number from Chance Pe Dance titled "Pal Mein Hi":

I get a very "Bakhuda Tumhi Ho" vibe. You? Also, I must admit I didn't really think much of the Genelia-Shahid pairing, but it seems to be really cute in this video. I am horrified by one thing though and that is how at 1:50 it looks like Genelia is teaching Shahid how to dance. Come on... don't tell me she's a dance instructor! At least get someone who can dance! Okay, I'm being a drama queen she's not baaaad but she's not good either. Ugh.

The other promo is a song titled '10 on 10' from Pyaar Impossible:

So... I hate to say this. I really really do, but doesn't this whole thing (minus the last part w/ Uday's fantasy sequence) remind you of a climatic scene in a severely teeny bopper film like, "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" or some Disney Channel Original? Anyway, if anyone can pull off playing a young college 'rocker' chick without looking absolutely ridiculous it is Priyanka (or I could just be really biased). Anyhow, I'm still looking for that trailer because it was better than these song promos.

Also, I was asked what this movie was about so here's what little I can reveal: It's just a typical story about beauty and the geek. I think The Beauty may currently be in a dead-end relationship (with Dino Morea) or is confused and thinks that he's the one when it's, obviously, The Geek. Yeah, sorry there isn't much to be said. Oh, the film is directed by the masoom bacha from Masoom, the bhola naujavaan from Mohabbatein/Papa Kehte Hain, the director aadmi of Roadside Romeo, the guy who has KJO as a BFF but still can't seem to find success a.k.a Jugal Hansraj. He seems talented, just not doing the right thing at the right time.

That is all for now, I'm waiting for a new 3 Idiots promo to drop... I want more insight on that film!

December 1, 2009

Forthcoming Films

Okie Dokie Smokie.

Vere to begin?

Let me start with movies that have been talked about for a while:

*AISHA: Directed by Rajshree Ojha, starring Sonam Kapoor & Abhay Deol (hello, lovely combo), and Ira Dubey (Lilette Dubey's daughter), produced by daddy dearest Anil Kapoor and sister dearest Rhea Kapoor. The music is composed by Amit Trivedi (think Amir & Dev D.... disappointing? I think not.) It's expected to release in early 2010. The film is based on Jane Austen's Emma and if you haven't read that then think 'Clueless'- A young socialite who is obsesed with hooking people up. In Aisha, Sonam plays a Delhi socialite obsessed with match-making. Who better than Sonam to play that role? Seriously. I can't wait to see her clothes. Here's a picture of her on the sets of Aisha enjoying, what looks to be, gelato. I wish I could pull off blue linen shorts like her... alas, we're not all fierce fashionistas:

So... it's really hard not to be excited for this film, but I always do this to myself. I need to stop having any sort of expectations!

Next up we have yet another Sonam Kapoor starrer (hollaaa) and Imran Khan starrer (double hollaa) titled "I HATE LOVE STORIES" (though I've read "Luv" instead of "love" in some places. God help me, I hope it's not true!)The movie is directed by Bwood's favorite designer, Manish Malhotra's brother Punit Malhotra and produced by... any guesses? Dharma Productions. Surprise surprise. The film just started shooting this past October and not sure about a release date. Oh and Brazilian hottie, Bruna Abdullah, is to make a cameo in the film. Don't get confused, this isn't Gisele the Brazilian Hottie from Love Aaj Kal. Anyway, that's all we know for now. I'll keep you updated :)

Another KJo venture is the remake of Stepmom! We don't know the name yet, but I highly doubt it's "Sauteli Ma" except I wish it were 'cause that would be hilarious. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he got the rights to remake the film, but I'm not 100% sure. The film isn't directed by the man himself, though it is a Dharma Productions venture. It is directed by his protege Siddharth Malhotra. Damn, this Dharma camp is growing huuuuge. Is it even exclusive anymore? Any how since you're dying to know, the film stars Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. Eee, I see no flaws. Last time we saw the two leading ladies together was in K3G... oh how things have changed (mostly for Kareena):

I'm not done talking about Dharma Productions. Next we've got DOSTANA 2! Which, unfortunately, does NOT star Priyanka Chopra. Everyone, including her, keeps saying it's because she's happily married in the first one. So? Are married people not allowed in films? What is this injustice. So guess who they roped in to replace her? Katrina Kaif. I guess there's no such thing as overexposure for this one. Just kidding, that's something no Bwood star should believe in (except Amitabh Bachchan, OMG tone it down a notch already).

Okay so since we're on the topic of sequels... DON 2 is, in fact, going to be made. Same director, same hero, same heroine (I hope this is true, because I remember hearing she may not be in it), I hope Isha Koppikar-Narang. stars in the sequel too. They were supposed to start shooting in Berlin this coming April so the movie could be a Diwali release, but looks like they'll start shooting in September. Oi ve, that is too far off.

Yet another sequel which is technically a trilogy... KRRISH 2! There are only two things I can confirm for you, the rest are rumors. So here are the two facts: Papa Roshan will be directing the film and Hrithik will, obviously, be the star. Now for all the rumors. There have been murmurs that Deepika Padukone will star opposite of Hrithik. Now normally I wouldn't approve this. Replacing Priyanka? God forbid (and I am still a litte miffed), but maybe this movie will help Deepika. She's definitely at the same stage Priyanka was when she starred in Krrish, no? Rumor number two. I have read here and there that SRK may be playing the role of a villain. OMG... I love evil Shahrukh! It's so old school early '90s. Except, I'm kind of sad because Naseerudin Shah did a PHENOMENAL job in Krrish. Seriously, I felt like he didn't get enough credit for it.

And from one Hrithik starrer to another. It is reported that he will be starring in Zoya Akhtar's next... untitled venture along with Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol. I can't wait to hear more about this.

Looks like Hrithik saab is working over time these days because he is also set to star in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's all English film GUZAARISH with Aishwarya Rai. Aaah, all-English? Last time SLB had Aish speak in English we got this

Uhh... I remember thinking how that beautifully crafted movie was suddenly tainted by those few Angrezi lines. Okay, I'm being a snob. I'm sure it'll be done well. It's not like Hindi-cinema hasn't done all-English films before. [Oh also, I forgot to mention in my earlier post, but Delhi Belly is an all-English film too.] Rumor has it the leading two are to sing a song for the film. It's a pretty well known fact that Aish has a beautiful voice (Yes, hi, do you have any flaws?) it'll be interesting to hear Hrithik... assuming this is true.

Another Sanjay Leela Bhansali venture is CHENAB GANDHI. It is to be directed by Vibhu Puri, SLB's assistant director while the movie will produced by SLB himself. The film stars Rajeev Khandelwal, Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan. What was that? Ah, yes that she's perfect for these rustic-period film roles. Chenab Gandhi is about the true story of a pashtun freedom fighter, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. He shared many of the same ideas as Gandhi, such as promoting non-violence and he was also against the partition of India. John Abraham was to play the role (because he looks more the part) but failed the screen test. Sad. Rajeev is a talented guy, I think this movie will help unveil what a talented actor he is.

Alright, last two. Both are Farah Khan ventures. One stars SRK while the other stars Akshay Kumar. The Akki starrer is titled "TEES MAAR KHAAR." Katrina is to star opposite Akshay. What a cop out, Farah Khan. I would expect something original from you. That's about all I can find out about this movie oh and that it was, basically, blasphemous she didn't cast SRK instead. That's okay though because she has him casted in her other upcoming film HAPPY NEW YEAR (my God, that title makes me gag). It's set to start shooting in 2011. Lord, why do we know about it so far in advanced? I hope the title changes sometime in the next year.

OMG, that is all for now... there are two movies I haven't mentioned, but I'm too lazy. Dobi Ghat and Crooked. Watch out for more updates on those plus the films mentioned above. I will be surprised if you read this entire thing!!

Btw, on a non-Bolly and a more Hollywood note, The Hangover 2 is currently being scripted. What IS it with all these sequels?

[Photo Source: High Heel Confidential]

Promos, Trailers and Friends

This weekend we got the release of two new promos. Yippie ay oh ky yay! Sorry for the delay in putting them up but it was a busy Holiday-filled weekend.

First, we get a longer look at Shahid's dancing (drool) in a song title 'Pump It Up' from Chance pe Dance. Ughhhhh will this nasty English-titled song obsession die or is it only going to get worse?! Didn't something like this happen once in the '80s? I don't think it was this bad though. Bollywood Gods, do something please! Okay after ranting about how much I hate that, the song is actually alright... once the beat kicks in. I like techno-ish, but not when it's OD-ed which happens often in these 'club' (er disco?) numbers. I see nothing new aside from the fact that the guy can actually dance dance. Doesn't make me want to watch the movie any more, any less. Anyway, you decide:

Next up we have the first release of the Yash Raj Film, Pyaar Impossible
starring: Priyanka Chopra (yaaaay), Uday Chopra (I have hope) and Dino Morea (YUM). I swear I've seen a trailer somewhere, but now I can't seem to find it. Any how here is a song titled "Alisha." Typical Yash-Raj young-love looking film, which always catches my eye. Also, apply the English-in-songs rant from above to this song too:

Another Rocket Singh trailer! I like this one a lot:

That is all for now, expect a post mentioning movies that have just begun production/shooting soon. I'm going to take a break for now... So You Think You Can Dance is on! [btw, when oh when will India have a dance show of that stature. Dance India Dance was close... but I think we can have better. I KNOW there are talented dancers in that country... thank you Boogie Woogie.]

Bollywood Books

Cine Blitz (the magazine) launched Cine Blitz Gold, a coffee table book commemorating 35 years of the magazine's existence. The cover is a picture of Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif paying homage to Guru Dutt & Waheeda Rehman in Pyaasa (but I'm confused, because that movie came out way more than 35 years ago? Details shmetails, I'll take it.) The book launch was titled "Love & Longing in Hindi Cinema." Interesting. I'm still trying to figure out what this book is about, but I think it just touches upon Bollywood and its history? It includes guest writers such as Javed Akhtar, Karan Johar, Amir Khan, Vikram Bhatt and the works. I WANT THIS BOOK. So, even though my birthday is no where near and Eid has gone by... my half birthday IS coming up. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Okay, fail. I'll order it myself.

To launch the book we saw Amir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Karan Johar, and Vijay Mallya (aka the head honcho behind the operation):

[Photo Source: Hamara Photo]

More Weddings! W/ semi-Glitter-freakin'-ati

I guess 'tis the season for Konkani women to get hitched [btw, has anyone ever seen an unattractive Mangalorean girl? I haven't]. After Mrs. Shetty-Kundra, Lady Isha Koppikar got married to long time boy toy Timmy Narang (Last time I heard someone named 'Timmy' was the kid off of Fairly Odd Parents). As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of her sangeets was Barbie and Ken themed and I guess she had another (which, fortunately, had no theme). Throughout her entire wedding, there were a lot of pink hues. The woman is stunning (and totally underrated. Here are some pictures from each event, enjoy!:

This is from her engagement from a while ago, but I just HAD to post it because she's wearing a KHADA DUPATTA aka a traditional Hyderabadi outfit, hollla. Our culture is rarely presented via celebs so I had to flaunt this one :)

The Barbie & Ken Sangeet (I cringe every time I type that):

The (I believe) regular sangeet (TOTALLY digging the color combo):

Does anyone else think she resembles Deepkia Padukone??

At the wedding:

Is she crying? I can't tell:

At the reception:

Diggin' the cutout work at the bottom of her lehenga.


Some celebs and "celebs" who attended the reception include: Celina Jaitley, Aamir Ali & Sanjeeda Sheikh (when oh when will they get hitched?), Prem Chopra, Manoj Kumar, Shibani Kashyap, Rakshanda Khan, Naved Jaffery, Shruti Gera, Subhash Ghai, Tulip Joshi, Vishal Malhotra, and Chunky Pandey.

Congratulations to the couple. I hope she doesn't stop acting because I really like her and she should continue to act JUST FOR ME. Yes.

[Photo Source: Bollywood Hungama & Hamara Photos]