March 20, 2010

Firangi Musicians

Somedays I find it ironic that I use the term "firangi."

Remember when Singh is King featured a song by Snoop Dogg and all the hooplah it caused, but then we heard the song and kind of laughed? And then remember when A. R. Rehman roped in Kylie Minogue for a song in Blue and everyone went buck wild until we heard the gibberish song-title, "Chiggy Wiggy" (still trying to figure out what that is exactly). Okay, so ready for this? Akon is the next to join the Bollywood bandwagon.

Mmmhm. Akon was roped in to feature a song in Anubhav Sinha's superhero film, Ra.One starring Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Vishal-Shekhar are the music directors of the film and claimed to have a great time recording with Akon. I am so super curious to hear this track. It's the most promising yet, but judging from previous Desi-American collaborations I'm not going to keep my expectations high. Oh, but it's sooo hard not to!

Okay, so while we're here talking about Ra.One, let me just give you the lowdown. It's supposed to be the second most expensive film made (Blue being the first most) and supposedly a science-fiction thriller. I bet Rakesh Roshan is pleased with himself for starting the "superhero" trend with Krrish. Arjun Rampal was supposed to play the villain. Man, that would've been awesome. Unfortunately he can't and was reportedly replaced by... Vivek Oberoi? This could work. I haven't decided how I feel about any of this superhero business yet. Thinking of SRK playing a superhero I'm instantly reminded of this hilarious scene from Om Shanti Om:

Udi Baba, my friends.


I can't decide if the title of this post is really cute or really perturbing?

Anyway, is this where life has come?! Actresses I watched as a child are now popping out children. Aah.

The very preggers Karishma Kapoor finally gave birth to a baby boy whom they've named "Kiaan." Hot. Baby Kiaan was born March 12, 2010. Lady Kapoor/Kapur? is already a mother to her five year old daughter, Samaira. I've gotta give it to the couple, they pick lovely names.

Whilst one just popped one out, we've got another fellow '90s actress waiting on deck. It's been reported that Kajol is pregnant with her second child. The Devgan couple has a seven year old daughter named Nysa. Ooh, so exotic.

So many little bolly babies running around, I wonder if any of them will follow their parent's footsteps. Shahrukh's got two kids he often fondly tweets about and Arjun Rampal has two daughters (can I get a collective "awww"). Oh I hope one of these kids continue the legacy, but the day that happens I will feel horrifically old.

Promos, Trailers and Friends

I can't believe I let something like school get in the way of Bollywood! Sad days, man. I've been keeping up just never got around to gathering it and putting it here for your reading pleasure.

Of course I have missed a lot of major Bollywood moments i.e.: Bal Thackeray vs MNIK, MNIK meeting/exceeding expectations, Imran Khan officially engaged and um... my memory fails me. My point is, instead of trying to recap everything I'm just going to act like everything's already up to date.

Alright, I hate getting trailers/promos from unofficial people but the EROS account doesn't let you embed :( So, I'm thankful for all the sketchoes who steal and upload trailers. On that note, here's one of EROS Ent.'s latest ventures, PAATSHAALA, starring Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Nana Patekar & Sunil Shetty. Ah yes, I too, feel a yawn coming on. It has nothing with the actors individually, but seeing that group just doesn't sound promising. Here's the theatrical trailer

Here's a song I keep hearing (about) from the film, Aye Khuda, it makes it look a little more promising. ClICK HERE TO LISTEN.

After having watched both... are you instantly reminded of School of Rock too? No worries, it is probably only inspired by it because this film is a commentary on the shortcomings of the Indian education system. I shan't lie, I'm curious to watch it but probably will when it's on Colors or Imagine in a couple of months. The film is set to release April 9, 2010.

Next we've got Sajid Khan's second directorial venture (first being Heyy Babyy)"HOUSEFULL" starring: Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Arjun Rampal, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta & Jiah Khan. It's like the A and A minus of Bollywood but I'm totally down with all six of them (yes, even Jiah Khan) this could make for a cheeky comedy... the trailer doesn't really disappoint, but you judge for yourself:

Riiight? That could be really cute. I love the last scene where Riteish goes nuts because he's all confused. It looks like, what my brothers and I call, "a Frasier situation." (That only makes sense if you watch(ed) Frasier... but basically it's where a whole bunch of misunderstandings occur, cleverly causing all kinds of hilarious drama.) Okay, one question though. Jiah Khan is actually from the UK so wouldn't it have made more sense to have her play Lara Dutta's role? Of course, they're actors they should be able to adapt to any role yada yada, but I mean really. I will admit though, seeing Jiah Khan in a "ghareloo" traditional role is going to be hella interesting. Btw, I have reason to believe that Akshay and/or Riteish's character(s) are into old-school songs/dance moves. We'll have to wait 'til April 30, 2010 to find out 'cause that's when the film releases. Also, on a semi-related note I forget how wonderfully handsome and stunning Arjun Rampal is... goooood God!!

Thirdly, we have pretty much the antithesis of Housefull aka a serious, artsy, targets real issues film titled THE GREAT INDIAN BUTTERFLY starring Sandhya Mridul, Aamir Bashir and Koel Puri. The film is supposed to release this weekend on March 26th. Won't say much else just watch the teaser:

... I love how they bleep out the word "sex." Yes, bleeping it out suddenly denies its existence. But that's another argument for another time. All I gotta say is that Sandhya Mridul is, like, the epitome of "bindaas." Anyway, all the other films had song promos and I skimmed through some and though some are worth showing I'm trying to keep this post "short" (for me, that is) but this song Thoda Thoda from The Great Indian Butterfly (okay guys, I keep chuckling as I type that...immature?) is really catchy: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Next up is JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI (JKSAH) starring Riteish Deshmukh and Jacqueline Fernandez. A cute little love story about a human and... an alien. Interesting. I have a feeling it will have the same fate as Aladin without all the pre-release hype or maybe a little better. Here is the trailer... and again it's the Riteish moment at the end that makes me laugh (happens around the 1:49 mark):

This next one isn't for the easily disturbed. PANKH starring Bipasha Basu, Maradone Rebello and Mahesh Manjrekar. I kept finding this title all over indie-cinema art-lovin' blogs but never got around to watching the trailer until just now. Just watch...

P.S. Tellywood fans, the adorable Sanjeeda Sheikh is set to star in this film as well. A desperate attempt to get her foot into films or is she an art-film-savvy kind of girl? Only time will tell...

What an interesting premise. I'm pretty sure the film is aiming for a "we're all trying to figure ourselves out" message but what a unique approach to take. This makes me worry for Ahsaas Channa. Say who?? The adorable little "boy" from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and random commercials. Aha! Just as I had suspected. I discovered some (not too reliable) articles claiming Pankh was inspired by her story. I once read somewhere that her father and mother have separated over the issue. If I remember correctly it was the dad who was against it. Bichari, what a crazy childhood.


I hardly ever have anything under my "and friends" categories, but today we do! So here's a quick update on poster-less/trailer-less films: Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan just finished shooting for I Hate Luv Stories... like I mean JUST as in less than 24 hours ago. Karan Johar's Stepmom remake just began its last schedule of shooting. Apparently Kajol, Arjun and Kareena are shooting for a song. I'm trying really hard to place where in the story all three of them could have a fun song but failing miserably. Oh Bollywood, how I love thee. Don 2 is set to start shooting this summer/early September (that's by memory don't hold me to that). Dostana 2 is a 99% go. We know John and Abhi are back in but unsure as to whom the leading lady is. Mani Ratnam's Raavan is done filming and dubbing is almost complete as well. Kunal Kohli's Deepika-Imran starrer, Break Ke Baad, just began shooting in Delhi. Lastly, omfg! Vishal Bharadwaj recasted Priyanka Chopra in his next venture, tentatively titled "Saath Khoon Maaf." He got her to be a Marathi girl, I wonder what he'll make her do next? Here's to hopin' for great things for ALL of these films.

Shoot, I'm beat. More trailers to come soon, I swear it!