December 13, 2009

Am I Nuts? "Inspiration"

Once, a long time ago (in a far away land), I did some major Sharmila Tagore stalking via Youtube so now I get suggestions to watch videos of hers and one such video was the song "Kisi Raah Mein" from Mere Hamsafar. I forgot what a gem-of-a-song it was so I decided to watch/listen to it. As am I'm listening, I feel like I'm experiencing deja vu and I can't decide why when it dawns upon me. I'm listening to the words "mere humsafar" with that classic beat from the song "mere humsafar" from Refugee.

One of Anu Malik's most celebrated pieces, "Mere Humsafar" from Refugee wasn't as original as we'd hoped. I know Anu is notorious for jacking tunes and such, but I really wish Refugee wasn't on that list of stolen/inspired tunes. Alright, so it's not completely stolen but that note-worthy tabla-beat in the background of the song "Mere Humsafar" was used in "Kisi Raah Mein." Coincidence? I think not. Maybe it is, but that's doubtful. Here are both the videos. Am I nuts??

Kisi Raah Mein If you haven't heard this song before wait 'til 0:21 to understand why I find them similar:

Mere Humsafar:

P.S. I'm mad, but the song "Mere Humsafar" is way too divine to dislike. I used to equally credit Anu, Alka and Sonu. Now Sonu and Alka get a little more than Anu, that's all.


  1. kisi raah mein at 2:50-3:00 soooo adorable loved it...and you are very right..there's more than just the beat that makes these songs similar...its just the overall feeling they both give...and the way they keep repeating Mere longingly and Anu is a thief straight up...but yeah...I don't wanna believe it because I feel this song is a's so beautiful...=)

  2. Haha, wow thats crazy! The thing you noticed but then ofcourse Mere humsafar is no doubt exceptional!

    Anu Malik is popularly known for this, maybe you should forgive him, haha!

  3. Wow, people never usually know/remember 'Mere Humsafar' from Refugee, good to know others appreciate good music as well out there.