December 1, 2009

Promos, Trailers and Friends

This weekend we got the release of two new promos. Yippie ay oh ky yay! Sorry for the delay in putting them up but it was a busy Holiday-filled weekend.

First, we get a longer look at Shahid's dancing (drool) in a song title 'Pump It Up' from Chance pe Dance. Ughhhhh will this nasty English-titled song obsession die or is it only going to get worse?! Didn't something like this happen once in the '80s? I don't think it was this bad though. Bollywood Gods, do something please! Okay after ranting about how much I hate that, the song is actually alright... once the beat kicks in. I like techno-ish, but not when it's OD-ed which happens often in these 'club' (er disco?) numbers. I see nothing new aside from the fact that the guy can actually dance dance. Doesn't make me want to watch the movie any more, any less. Anyway, you decide:

Next up we have the first release of the Yash Raj Film, Pyaar Impossible
starring: Priyanka Chopra (yaaaay), Uday Chopra (I have hope) and Dino Morea (YUM). I swear I've seen a trailer somewhere, but now I can't seem to find it. Any how here is a song titled "Alisha." Typical Yash-Raj young-love looking film, which always catches my eye. Also, apply the English-in-songs rant from above to this song too:

Another Rocket Singh trailer! I like this one a lot:

That is all for now, expect a post mentioning movies that have just begun production/shooting soon. I'm going to take a break for now... So You Think You Can Dance is on! [btw, when oh when will India have a dance show of that stature. Dance India Dance was close... but I think we can have better. I KNOW there are talented dancers in that country... thank you Boogie Woogie.]


  1. If they were looking for an ugly but talented guy, Ritesh Deshmukh would've been a better choice..


  2. Lol...when you said yippie ay oh ky yay...I thought that was a title for one of the you blame me for believing so? lol....anyways...hmm shahid looks hot..he dances amazing...

    Lol..yeah the english in the songs usually ruins it...and man...uday...i'm kinda scared to see the movie lol...actually I am too harsh on him...he has acting ability but didn't really used to look to good..but he has improved i guess...and yum for both priyanka and dino =) awwwwww okay uday makes for a cute nerdy boy after a popular girl lol...he fits the role perfectly why is he always given rejection roles LOL

    LOL and Ranbir is a cutie pie...haha loved the new promo...excited for that movie..=)\

    Yeah Dance India Dance was pretty awesome...hmm some day...