December 12, 2009

Promos, Trailers and Friends

Finally, something that falls in the "friends" category. This isn't a trailer, but more like a sneak peek that aired in India on Star One. A sneak peek of what, you ask? MY NAME IS KHAN a.k.a. the HIGHLY HIGHLY anticipated film reuniting the magical trio Kajol, Shahkrukh Khan and Karan Johar.

Once the real thing is up on the internet I will put that here stat, but until then enjoy this boot-legged version (okay, I don't support piracy, etc. BUT COME ON IT'S MNIK!)


  1. Okay wow that was horribly man yesssssssuhhhh for kajol and shahrukh againnnn...i am way excited tooo....and i shall keep checking ur blog for any updates related to this wonderful forthcoming filummmm

  2. I know, I know I've seen this!!! They look amazingg together yet again! Sharukh is going to be great, though Im not really his fan.. but I'm sure this movie will be amazing! I liked the concept!

  3. when is shahrukh going to go away already??