October 13, 2010

Promos, Trailers and Friends: Break Ke Baad

So Break Ke Baad just dropped their trailer.

Two words: COOKIE. CUTTER. A typical, cynical, "different" take on the "modern" love story. Backdrop: Some delicious city outside of India. A hit Indian movie doesn't take place in India... duh.

Please note my sarcasm. I'm so annoyed. Okay so it looks cute. Cute as in let's watch this on Friday night when we're deathly bored. When did India's audience suddenly become the tweens of America? Remember in the '90s even early 2000s when Bollywood could do masala film, but have substance? I miss that. Okay, so like a few years ago I would have hope seeing a trailer like this I really would (think Salaam Namaste), but it just seems so overdone now. Just in the past few months we already have I Hate Luv Storys and Anjaana Anjaani. Those movies aren't bad, but they're just so... bleh like the status rom coms have in Hollywood and it shouldn't be that way because Bollywood IS rom com.

Watch, this movie will be like the next DDLJ after my rant haha.
This film is slated to release November 26, 2010.

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