May 17, 2013

Bollywood Choreography

I'm back by popular demand and by popular demand I really just mean me (and a few lone supporters). Let's act like I never left and jump right in, shall we? We shall.

Every night I have been bumpin' and I mean bummmmpin' (more than it prob deserves) to this. It has all the flavors of classic Bollywood with the contemporary flair we've learned to accept and enjoy. This has "Shaadi Banger" (a phrase which has not been coined probably due to its suggestive content) written all over it. Deepika-Ranbir chemistry is so unmistakably good that I lament over their break up. But the thing that probably really  makes this video is Ranbir Kapoor. I. Mean. Swoon. 

Now for the complaining. That choreography? Remo D'Souza (known for hip hop) is the man behind this so what's he doing choreographing a Bollywood number? RK is given decent steps and he executes them super adorably/animatedly as the song calls for, but what about Deepika? She gets: strut, strut, matak matak, shimmy, matak matak, shimmy, strut strut.

Laaaazy choreography, I can't even. It hurts. It hurts me.

Listen, the girl can dance she just needs someone to polish her. She could easily be one of the best dancers in (current) Bollywood (I refer you to "Dhoom Tana" ) Actually, there are so many current actresses who could be polished/be given more challenging steps. Hell if Katrina can be fixed then, damn it, anyone can be. I don't know why choreographers aren't trying. Compare a good dancer from now to a bad dancer from the early '90s and there's hardly a difference. They tried so much harder. Maybe actor schedules just don't allow time for dance lessons. If you're going to have an industry that sells itself on "singing and dancing" then fix your dancing cause otherwise it's just embarrassing. To be fair there are those out there salvaging it like, ray of hope, Vaibhavi Merchant.

I'm not even going to start on the grave injustice done to Madhuri Dixit by overrated Farah Khan in this number becuase Madhuri can work any choreography, like this number. Or the whole influx of Russian dancers just to have fairer girls. GAG.

Choreo aside, enjoy the song! It's so addictive, fun, catchy and a jam through and through.

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