October 22, 2013

Ram-Leela: Ram Chahe Leela

So this happened.


If I was cool I would think Ram-Leela paid me for all these posts considering it's all I blog about.

Here's the much awaited item song from Priyanka Chopra.

Ram Chahe Leela: 

I can't say underwhelming, but expectations weren't exceeded either. This means expectations were met and one should note that expectations were high. (Expectations. That's a really weird word... keep saying it. "expectation, expectation..."). Anyway thoughts??

P.S. Lady Rai-Bachchan was originally approached for this number. She's to SLB like Kajol is to K-Jo. No? Anyhow, I can't decide what that would have looked like. She's a phenomenal dancer, no doubt but for whatever reason I don't feel upset she didn't do the number?


  1. Mehh.. I don't know..
    I'm not too impressed.. I did not enjoy it
    as much as I was expecting to.. I don't know if it
    was the choreography, or the setting..? I didn't get the
    Priyanka Factor, nor was I amazed.. Which I was hoping to
    be... Because I am in love with the other songs/choreo of
    the other songs..

    Pata nahi... And yeah I'm kinda glad Aish didn't do it, either. But yeah, I'm just unhappy. But then again, this was just a sneak peak, right? So maybe the full version will change my mind? I don't know.. Here's to wishful thinking.. LOL.

    1. This is the Priyanka factor though, she is plateu-ing while other artists (Deepika, Katrina) continue to grow at least in terms of dance presence.

      Yeah the context of the song in the film could make the difference, but it is pretty meh.

      Now, if we had not seen the other songs this would have been more impressive. Maybe they should have opened promos with this first.

  2. They should have approached someone who always exceeds expectations. Someone being Ms Katrina Kaif herself. Emphasis on Ms, Ranbir.

    1. It's funny, I was actually thinking to myself who would have been a better choice and she came to mind too. The girl kills item numbers no doubt. But the ultimate would have been Shilpa Shetty.

      Shh! Don't emphasize the "ms" to him, then he might put a ring on it. None of us need that nonsense.

  3. Haha they could have hired you :P