December 11, 2009

Am I Nuts? Sisters From Another Mister

So about a year or two ago, I went on a wild wild rampage searching for the movie 'Rang.' I don't know why. It wasn't a hit, but I HAD TO WATCH IT... mostly because I'm a Divya Bharti fan (I don't know if it's because she's forever young, or what but I love her). Anywhere it was NOWHERE to be found on the internet, which is just really bizarre because every movie and their mom is on the internet. Anyway, now when it comes on TV I feel it is only my duty to watch or DVR it. It's only come on twice... a couple of days ago being the second time. Anywaaay, I was watching it today and I cannot get over how similar Anushka Sharma and Divya Bharati look. I said it right when I saw the promos for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and I'll say it again. They should have used Anushka in Om Shanti Om because I'm convinced the story of the film was inspired by Divya's death.

Anyway, I pulled together a picture of the two sisters from another mister and I want your opinion. Am I nuts?? Holler at a sister.


  1. I agree with you totally...divya has just a lil bit motapan on her face..ither than that...they look almost identical..which is very freaky...

  2. she does look a lot like her :O
    your right.. i never realized that but
    now that you point it out, yeah wow :O
    ur not nuts ;P & that's pretty weiirdd.