December 7, 2009


PAA released this weekend and, as was expected, is doing wonderfully or as my cheesy title suggests, 'Paa-tastic.'

Like I said earlier, I try to refrain from reading reviews until I've seen the film myself. What I've gathered, though, is that it's a feel good film that is definitely worth watching because it's a different story told in a heart-warming manner. That's pretty much the universal opinion. Amit Ji is to have done a phenomenal job. Such a good job that people forget it's him playing 'Auro.' And recieiving just as much hype as Big B, is NOT Jr. Bachchan, but Ms. Balan! I'm really, really happy to hear that. She claims she hasn't recieved this much attention since Parineeta. I freaking loved her in Parineeta. Mr. Masand (famed critic) tweeted this while watching the film:
"Best Actress race just widened. Priyanka (Kaminey), Konkona (LBC), Kareena (Kurbaan) please make room for Vidya Balan. She's superb in Paa."
I felt like Vidya was cheated out of awards for her performance in Bhool Bhulaiyaa. I mean I was, legitimately, mortified during the 'exorcism' scene but then again Kareena was also really deserving that year. Wow, my heart just warmed at the thought of all the talented actresses currently in Bollywood. Anyway, Rajeev Masand also went on to say that she carried the film (along with AB, of course). I don't know why, but I'm really excited. Like a child of mine is being praised or something. Remember when I posted the promo and I said I liked the scene where they're jumping in the puddle? I feel like I subconsciously knew... haha okay, yes I realize I'm getting carried away. Any how the premiere was as star-studded as ever... here are a few pictorials for you to enjoy!

The Bachchan Family

Kabbab mein haddi (third wheel), Vidya. JK, it's Aish who should feel weird since she's not in the film.

Big B w/, I'm assuming, the kids in the film. He looks genuinely happy.

SRK charming the charming Vidya. I love this.

The 3 Idiots team also showed face and Amir Khan ACTUALLY suited up! (he never goes the whole 9 yards w/ formal clothing)

I couldn't resist, I had to show the twinkiness.

The premiere also saw: Kajol & Ajay Devgan, Dia Mirza, Shamita Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini, Tina Ambani (wow lots of yesteryear actors), Jacqueline Fernandez, Yash Chopra, Akshay Kumar, Juhi Chawla, Mahdevan, Twinkle Khanna, Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar, Neeta Lulla... really this list goes on and on and on. Basically if you're someone who is anyone, you were there.

The following pics are from a press meet held right before the release. Vidya looked stunning and because my cousin finds her to be "lajawaab" (don't blame him) I thought I'd post these as well:

The whole married angle looks pretty damn believable here.

She OWNS both of her Sabyasachi Saris at both events, agree?

Anyway, that's enough Vidya Balan PR work for the day :)

[Photo Source: Hamara Photos]


  1. Yeah, so far of what I've seen...I was loving the movie especially Vidya's performance...I don't expect any less from her...she has always been great...especially the more serious roles...she nibhaows them so well...and yeah...I am horrible bcuz I fell asleep (I was just exhausted after working the whole week) I am gonna watch the rest today...

    The Bachan Family looks nice..but Aish looks like she's got too much make up on..other than that..I love her color and red...

    LoL at Kabaab mein haddi...ur right...Aish is the true kabaab mein haddi

    Aww the bacha party is so cute and amitabh does indeed look genuinely happy..=)

    haha...Oh SRK why oh why are you sooo chaaaahhhminggg lol....Vidya is being sweeped off her feet haha

    WOW..Amir showing up at any event that is not his a HUGE deal..=)..I feel like he felt it was important bcuz of the message the movie is trying to portray..very taare zameen par-ish =)

    Yeah they do look like a real married couple..I bet Aish was yeah, totally love her saris...

    Ps. It's Zaid who loves her isn't it? LOL

  2. Love the pictures! : )
    amaazing. + i can't believe
    Aamir Khan AND Shahrukh Khan showed
    up! that's a BIG deal! andd , is aish
    preggo ? i heard there's a rumour going
    arnd, but im not sure :S like she does look
    kinda chubby so yeaah. but yeaa. and Vidya
    Balan DOES look great! : )

    * I saw the movie & I REALLY liked it.. that's
    all im gonna say, and Vidya did the best!* :D

  3. Vidya has such a soothing chehra and a warm aura, not to mention a disarming smile. Also, my doppleganger (Abhi) seems to be aging ungracefully. For shame.