January 20, 2010

Awards Season: Apsara Awards

It's the most wonderful time of the year, awards season is here! More than the actual (usually unjust)awards, I really just enjoy seeing the film industry come together, the performances (though these days they're 80% flashy and 20% dance. Sad story) and to reflect on how much has changed... and lately I've enjoyed seeing what they wear because India is finally stepping up their game when it comes to attire at award functions. We have a while to go before it's anything like Umrika's, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The first of the awards show was the Apsara Awards (to air on NDTV Imagine April 12), then The Star Screen Awards (to air on Star Plus) and the most recently held Stardust Awards (to air on one of the Sonys). I'll refrain from mentioning who won what in case you want to watch when they're aired. At the end of the season, I'll tally everything up. It will be fun to reflect, no? Yes. Until then... here are some pictures from the Apsara Awards for you to salivate over.

Look at who finally made up:

Finally! The real sari is making a comeback. By "real" I mean no over-the-top-blingified slutacious blouses. It's so classy, and beautifully epitomizes the Indian female. WHY don't actresses sport this more often? Surriously.

What an absolutely lovely shade of pink (coral?) and it really compliments her skin tone. She looks ethereal.

Dia... Dia, Dia, Dia. Will you ever give me a reason to hate you?

Looking at this photo, I want to refer to her as Jaya Bhaduri instead of Bachchan. She looks rejuvinated.

[Photo Sources: High Heel Confidential, Hamara Photos]

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  1. Wow...yeah I am super happy to see the Sari coming back in it's original form...none of that stringy business..although it is hot, it takes away from the true desiness of it all...all 3 look very beautiful...but Diya is just a doll...I adore her...