January 20, 2010

"Wah-Wah" Worthy Reality TV

So I've been really bad at this and missed last weekend, but I promise I'll be consistent starting this weekend!

Here are the top three performances from DID from this past weekend and one from the weekend before. I have a lot, but for length's sake I'm going to post a few to keep it short.

Yes, there's a huge Shakti bias going on on this site... haha, but this dance is just so lovely!

I knew Parvez was good but this dance just proves him to be near the ranks of Dharmesh. This was just pure entertainment, I loved every moment of it.

And anyone who follows the show, or even if they don't most probably have seen this AMAZING number by Kunwar and... who else? Shakti. I used to love the song "Khuda Jaane", then it got played out and now watching it again I've falling in love all over again. What a beautiful dance and HOW CLEAN ARE SHAKTI'S LINES?

Onto MKMM here are four videos I recall loving. Forgive if I've missed some, this is what happens when you don't update consistently. Sigh.

This one's for the classical lovers a la moi. Man Mohana from the film Seema rendered wonderfully by Anwesha:

A classic and one of my all-time favorite songs, Nah To Caravan from the film Barsaat Ki Raat, rendered by Abhaas:

This next fave. performance came as a surprise. I didn't really know about Neeti Mohan, but I figured she must be talented if Shankar picked her to be on his team. This performance to Namak Laga was well done. Her attitude was perfect and her dancing just added to the performance. After the performance I was google-ing her when I realized I've seen her live! She sang at the A.R. Rehman concert. The entire concert we were trying to figure out who this talented chick was and a year and some odd months later my question's been answered. Hooray! Sorry for the rant, but I was excited:

Laaastly, how I could I NOT post something Shreya-related? Her live performances sound like a recording! I only hope to hear her live someday. this is her performance of "Yeh Zindagi Ussi Ki Hai" from the film Anarkali.

sorry I didn't really provide much analysis or opinion in this post, but in the weeks to come I'll do it I promise!

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  1. I am totally hoping and praying for Shakti to win DID 2!!!!

    I am sad Parvez is out...he was brilliant...but ah well...only 1 is going to remain in the end...

    And MKMM all the songs are sung beautifully...and isn't Neeti SOnu Nigam's sister? Or is that another girl on the show?