January 8, 2010

Forthcoming Films

KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY (KHJJS): Before anything, can I just say how old school that poster looks? Like a flop movie from 1995. Just saying. Anyway, it's directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar, stars Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and is produced by Ashutosh Gowariker Productions and PVR Pictures. The release date is undecided but is expected to be sometime at the end of 2010. KHJJS is based on Manini Chatterjee's book Do and Die: The Chittagong Uprising 1930-1934.

I feel like I wouldn't be able to sum up the uprising properly so here's a link to the Wikipedia article. I have no idea how accurate it is. It's nice to see a film will be showcasing what present-day Bangladesh was like in the pre-independence era. I'm not sure if Bangladesh allows Bollywood films to be shot there. I'm going to guess not because they've been shooting in Goa. Hm, I wonder why they didn't film in West Bengal? On another note, let's hope Manini is aware of how much of the film is based on the book and where in the film she's going to recieve credit ;) Glad to see Gowarikar is slipping back into his comfort zone after the disastrous What's Your Rashee? The film originally had Asin the leading role, but she opted out a month after signing claiming the role wasn't substantial enough. I wonder what the script of London Dreams had over this one? Maybe her choosiness is a result of London Dreams not doing well? So many question, no answers so let's just move onto the next film.

ATITHI TUM KAB JAAOGE? Directed by Ashwani Dhir, stars Konkona Sen Sharma and Ajay Devgan and produced by Wide Frames Films and Warner Bros. The film's about a distant relative (Paresh Rawal) who overstays his welcome in a happily married couple's home. Licences to Wed anyone? Paresh looks very Baburao Ganpatrao Apte from Hera Pheri, but this looks so funny and the following picture literally made me l-o-l:

The film's expected to release February 26, 2010.

Next up we have a Shyam Benegal movie, yaaaay. He's going the comedy route again, after Welcome to Sajjanpur, with WELL DONE ABBA which was formerly titled Abba ka Kuan. It stars Boman Irani, Minnisha Lamba, Sameer Dattani, and Ila Arun This film, too, is inspired by a book! I'm not even going to make jokes about whether it'll be controversial or what not because that's so beneath Benegal's caliber. Anyway the books he was inspired by were Narsaiyyan Ki Bavdi (I really want to say that word is "bawli") by Jeelani Bano and Phulwa Ka Pul by Sanjeev and a short film. The plot is about Arman Ali (Boman Irani) who takes leave from his work in Mumbai to find a groom for his daughter (Minnisha Lamba) who lives somewhere near Hyderabad (represent!). He goes back to his job after three months where he's waiting to be fired. Story's simple but I can't wait to see how Benegal plays it all out. It's going to be cool to see Irani under Shyam's direction. What a talented combo. Also, I'm really happy that Lamba was casted, I feel like she has potential. Even though Yahaan (her debut film) wasn't appreciated I fell in love with her in it and I think she did well with what she had in the story Pooranmasi in Dus Kahaniyaan. Maybe I just like seeing her in conservative roles, which may be the case for this film too.

Well friends, I'm pretty tired but watch out for posts mentioning 'Action Replay' starring Jr. Bachchan and Wifey Rai-Bachchan, 'Striker' starring Southern sensation Siddharth (best alliteration ever) and 'Crooked' starring Farhan Akthar, Hrithik Roshan and a third unsure party. Whoa, all those titles are in English.

Peace out.

[Photo Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama]


  1. Goooodness! where did you get the whole information from? haha! I havent seen in the TV here yet! lol

    This is soooo awesome! =)

  2. Atithi Tum Kab jaaogey does sound funny but the jodi of Ajay and Konkona is kind of making me cringe...I wish the hero was someone else...but yeah does look like a funny movie...paresh rawal of course is the king of funny

    I'm super excted about Well Done Abba cuz of the Hyderabadinessss wooohoooo...and it was Minnisha Lamba in the song Naam Ada Likhna ?!! Okay yeah, I can't wait to watch Well Done Abba...Boman is brilliant!