March 20, 2010


I can't decide if the title of this post is really cute or really perturbing?

Anyway, is this where life has come?! Actresses I watched as a child are now popping out children. Aah.

The very preggers Karishma Kapoor finally gave birth to a baby boy whom they've named "Kiaan." Hot. Baby Kiaan was born March 12, 2010. Lady Kapoor/Kapur? is already a mother to her five year old daughter, Samaira. I've gotta give it to the couple, they pick lovely names.

Whilst one just popped one out, we've got another fellow '90s actress waiting on deck. It's been reported that Kajol is pregnant with her second child. The Devgan couple has a seven year old daughter named Nysa. Ooh, so exotic.

So many little bolly babies running around, I wonder if any of them will follow their parent's footsteps. Shahrukh's got two kids he often fondly tweets about and Arjun Rampal has two daughters (can I get a collective "awww"). Oh I hope one of these kids continue the legacy, but the day that happens I will feel horrifically old.

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  1. Wow, I absolutely LOVE the names they have beautifully exquisite! I wanna see the pics of these babies and I wonder how they will turn out...