March 20, 2010

Firangi Musicians

Somedays I find it ironic that I use the term "firangi."

Remember when Singh is King featured a song by Snoop Dogg and all the hooplah it caused, but then we heard the song and kind of laughed? And then remember when A. R. Rehman roped in Kylie Minogue for a song in Blue and everyone went buck wild until we heard the gibberish song-title, "Chiggy Wiggy" (still trying to figure out what that is exactly). Okay, so ready for this? Akon is the next to join the Bollywood bandwagon.

Mmmhm. Akon was roped in to feature a song in Anubhav Sinha's superhero film, Ra.One starring Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Vishal-Shekhar are the music directors of the film and claimed to have a great time recording with Akon. I am so super curious to hear this track. It's the most promising yet, but judging from previous Desi-American collaborations I'm not going to keep my expectations high. Oh, but it's sooo hard not to!

Okay, so while we're here talking about Ra.One, let me just give you the lowdown. It's supposed to be the second most expensive film made (Blue being the first most) and supposedly a science-fiction thriller. I bet Rakesh Roshan is pleased with himself for starting the "superhero" trend with Krrish. Arjun Rampal was supposed to play the villain. Man, that would've been awesome. Unfortunately he can't and was reportedly replaced by... Vivek Oberoi? This could work. I haven't decided how I feel about any of this superhero business yet. Thinking of SRK playing a superhero I'm instantly reminded of this hilarious scene from Om Shanti Om:

Udi Baba, my friends.


  1. usually the bolly-american tracks never really turn out well..hopefully it's different this time around...and yes LOL Udi Baba...I don't like the whole superhero's really weird...and usually I hope this one is done really well...