May 24, 2010

Promos, Trailers and Friends

I Hate Luv Storys:

Ohhh how typical. How Bollywood. How Dharma Productions. Am I complaining? Nope! Oh wait, I do have one thing to complain about...THE SPELLING OF THE TITLE. The creators of these films are educated people, they know it's incorrect so is it all the superstitious stuff? I don't know, but I hate it... more than Imran Khan's character hates 'luv storys.' Oh gag me. Dumb down the youth a little more, why don't you. Sigh. On a brighter note, I think it is totally refreshing seeing Sonam and Imran in these roles... especially Sonam. So far we've only seen her in marvelous desi attire on screen or in marvelous high fashion off screen so seeing her in casual clothes is a welcome change. I look forward to this film (as I do to pretty much every movie it seems) 'cause who doesn't love a good ol' Bollywood flick? Not to mention I have a sneaky suspicion they're going to spoof a lot of K Jo's flicks so that will be fun to see.

Raavan Theatrical Trailer

OH MY GOD that very last shot with Abhi is just psychotic in a good way... if that even makes sense. Oh and confession... I think I might be an Aishwarya fan again because I got excited seeing her in the trailer. Anyway, there are a few song promos up as well click here to watch!

While we're here talking about the magnificent man who brought A. R. Rahman to the Hindi Film Industry which in turn into our livesv(Mani Ratnam), can I just go ahead and tell you about this movie of his I stumbled across the other day? It was an old '80s Tamil film (dubbed in Hindi) titled "Anjali." It's about how a family/community deals with having a mentally handicapped four year old girl in their lives. Holy cow, it was such a real film which made it a feel good film as well. The kids in it were unbelievably talented actors so I wasn't surprised to find that they had won National Awards for Best Child Artiste. The movie also won for best regional film. It's not shocking to see he dealt with a film like this so beautifully because 'real issues', per se, are his forte-- which makes me curious to see how he'll play out Raavan since it's based on mythology. Anyway, this is my two-decades-later PR for the movie so if you ever happen to see it on (I caught it on Z Cine) or are looking for a good watch... watch it.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Theatrical Trailer:

Okay, not the biggest Ajay fan (slay me). I kind of really despise Emraan-- though I am guilty of enjoying some of his films. Feel indifferent towards Kangana (she's talented, I know but so type-casted) and Prachi is adorable, hasn't disappointed, but still needs to prove herself. Basically what I'm saying is that this film has a lot of things going against it, for me personally, but then I watched this trailer... and I'm totally feelin' it? I love the '70s feel, the '70s drama, the '70s gang wars. It all seems very 'blow' esque. I think I could like this and if anything I'll watch 'cause the gorgeous Gauhar Khan has an item number, holla! This excites me not only cause I'm a fan of her's but because that means there will be some very legit. dancing... assuming Saroj Khan's laadla son, Raju Khan does justice to her (Gauhar's) talent. Judging from the trailer I'm guessing it's a cabaret number... meh, not the biggest cabaret fan but at least it's something.

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  1. I wasn't too happy when I watched it...I went in knowing I wouldn't be...and yeah the title is just so gross lol...Yeah I really loved her western attire..

    Raavan looks creepily exciting...
    Hmmm...Anjali sounds interesting...I need to start watching Tamil movies...Farhan loves em...

    I despise both Ajay and Emraan...if I watch this movie...I will only watch it for Kangana (although I agree with you that she is typecasted...her acting is pretty superb)...and also for Prachi (in the hope that her acting has improved to compliment her naazuk beauty) and Gauhar is quite got me liking her =P...even though I never watch Serials