April 13, 2010

Brown Bond Girl?

Rumor has it Freida Pinto is supposed to be the next Bond girl. Here's the catch, I've only heard about this through Desi sources and I have no idea if it's confirmed or what.

The film's supposed to take place in Afghanistan so a brown girl only makes sense. I love Freida, I do, but aren't Bond girls supposed to be voluptuous? She's petite... gorgeous, but petite. Now if I were to have it MY way (and wouldn't we all love that?) I think Shilpa Shetty would be PERFECT. Wasn't she being considered at one point and time or did I make that up? I think I made that up, because when Aishwarya was being considered I think I went on the same rant about how it should be Lady Shetty.

Okay so she's making a weird face. We all know she's attractive... but look at that body!!

On a kind of side-tangent: I heard this bit of news from my side of the world. Apparently Lady Gaga and Michael Bublé are battling it out for the theme song. Two completely different genre of music, but I absolutely cannot cannot decide who I think will win. Random, but I thought I'd share.

[Frieda Photo via: HighHeelConfidential.com]


  1. frieda is not very bond girlish..agreed

  2. Yes, its been on news here everywhere about frieda being the Bond girl! I like her tho, lol.

    and Haha yes you made the whole Shilpa Shetty thing, but of course, I think I agree! She might pull it off better! ;)

  3. Frieda is pretty but naazuk...Shipla is really classy and sexy....she would definitely be a better Bond girl.