September 17, 2013

But Why

Remember that one time when Rani Mukherjee's rendition of Happy Birthday in K3G was the worst/most comical thing ever? Well, something finally trumped it and it's not even fiction.

To quote VJ Juhi Pande, "Marilyn Monroe spins in her grave."

I can't.

P.S. This is what Narendra Modi (a candidate for prime minister) looks like.

Btw, this is the woman who (unfortunately) kind of successfully sold herself as the face of Bollywood in LA. I hope damage control has been done. I have had a(n almost irrational) distaste for Mallika since she debuted and this new debacle certainly doesn't help her case. Worst PR stunt ever.


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  2. Ew. Disgusting.

    On a positive note: happy to see Bollywood Binge up and running again!


  3. She. Is. Yucky. I know that sounded like a first grader but that's about the maturity level i can muster when it comes to her.