October 1, 2013

Ram-Leela: Nagada Sang Dhol Bhaje

Wait a minute... deja vu. Like seeeerious deja vu (lighting diyas in the intro, garba, epic pagdi tying, etc. etc.). But wait? Why don't I care?

First of all a thousand applause because finally Deepika proves why she's the it girl this year and gets to show off her dancing*  that I have screamed about and damn, homegirl is FIERCE (in spite of being injured while shooting this.)

Secondly, considering the song title has 'dhol baje' (was this a really desperate attempt or super brilliant tactic by Sanjay? Is HDDCS that long forgotten or is he using its success?) was I the only one underwhelmed by the beat?

Such spectacular costumes, sets, choreography, cinematography, editing. I hate this word, but: epic. Expectations met, Sanjay. Well done. Hope it continues. I stayed up for this release and it was well worth it.

A teaser of Priyanka Chopra's look from the item was released recently as well:

Another song  from the film after the jump:

Best thing about Ranveer is his originality. He's carving a niche for himself. He doesn't remind us of anyone else. The way he dances (and mmmm can he move), acts, carries himself offstage-- it's all his own and it's all charming. The signs of a superstar.

I think he came down with a case of serious "nazar," because if you haven't heard already he's been hospitalized with dengue fever with no signs of improvement. :( My well wishes are with him!

*Why is it sooo difficult to find out who the choreographer is for movies? They play an integral part, especially in movies like this. Anyway, Prabhudeva's brother, Vishnu, choreographed Priyanka's number so let's just assume he did the rest? Gah. End rant.

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