December 12, 2013

Dedh Ishqiya: Hamari Atariya

You guys. YOU. GUYS.

I can't. I just cannot.

Madhuri Dixit, Rekha Bhardwaj vocals, semi-classical dancing. Just kill me now (after you watch and comment).

Is it horrible of me that I'm jealous of those (talented) little girls who got to dance with her? At the same time I'm also glad that today's kids get to see/experience the greatness that is her.

Check out the still and trailer after the jump:

On the count of three thandi saans. 1... 2... 3... *siiiigh*



  1. She doesn't even need to move her body, she dances by her face, she defines grace...

  2. I have secretly been following the ads/promos for this movie lol. Although I have not seen the first Ishqiya, I am totally intrigued by this second one. This is usually not a movie I would watch but considering that Madhuri is in this one, I will definitely be watching it.

    That dance...I have no words...Ufff...such beauty, such elegance, I completely agree with Sanya...her facials are beyond amazing every single time.

    Hmm..this really inspires me to post something I had been wanting to post about (it's sitting as a draft right now). I shall link to this post because it is totally relevant!).

    <3 it!

  3. Nobody can ever come close to her. ever!

    Regardless of my interest or not, I LOVE reading you.

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