November 26, 2009

Promos, Trailers and Friends

I don't have a promo for "My Name is Khan" but I had to share this news with you, 'cause I'm pretty excited about this and you should be too. The theatrical trailer for MNIK is going to be released globally with James Cameron's AVATAR on December 18th. Oh Em Jee. Let it sink it, let it sink in. I do remember hearing K-Jo say somewhere how he felt it was about time Bollywood was put on the global map and rightfully so. Exciting ish, no? I think so. Well, I just hope it's actually a good movie. I mean, KJO, SRK, Kajol... it's such a beautiful formula it's scary. Oh and Tanay Chheda (think Slumdog Millionaire, Taare Zameen Par, and Don) is in the film too. I guess this post should have fallen under 'Forthcoming' huh? Well anyway, I couldn't contain myself. Onto an actual promo...

Salman Khan's anticipated VEER. Alright, before I say anything, remember back when "Lucky - No Time for Love" came out and it starred Sneha Ullal better known as "that chick who looked exactly like Aishwarya Rai" and everyone said Salman Khan picked her 'cause she looked like his ex. Well, there have been murmurs that his heroine for Veer, Zarine Khan, looks very much like Ms. Kaif. Now that we've seen the promo, I hereby declare those rumors to be true. It's actually kind of sick and weird because he's still with Katrina... awk. In his defense, after the disaster that was Yuvraaj he vowed never to work with his lady-love again... although I'm sure the casting for Veer was done before the release of Yuvraaj. Just sayin'. ANYWAY check out the promo, the movie is set to release in January 22nd.

Here's what my thought process was like upon viewing this:
"Ooh period film, yes! Aggressive gory Salman Khan, gross. His fans will eat this up though. Oh wait, this looks kind of powerful and promising. Love story?? Beautiful music? Score. Katrinaaaa?! Oops. Meh."

How do you feel about it?

Oh p.s. this has nothing to do with anything but I don't think it could be a post of its own. I was just on a website where they have actress' ratings every week and the top three are the usual Kareena, Katrina, Priyanka, etc. but today it was 1) Kareena Kapoor 2) KASHMIRA SHAH 3) Katrina Kaif. Urgh? Did I miss some controversy? Throw some theories my way, how do you think that happened. (btw, if my all caps wasn't enough of a hint, I'm referring to how Kashmira Shah is rated second)

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  1. Sneha Ullal looks like Aishwariya on crystal meth