November 22, 2009


**EDIT** I messed up... Papa Shetty couldn't make it out to the sangeet but was supposed to have been cured by the wedding day. It was also on his behest the girls go ahead and leave for Khandala while he was sick (how very filmy). Also, the family performed a skit as well, how cutee. **END EDIT**

Of course everyone and their mom knows Shilpa Shetty got hitched this weekend, but as a Bollywood blogger I feel it is only my duty to share what I can about the wedding so here it goes:

SHILPA SHETTY'S SHAADI (who doesn't love a good alliteration?)

Lady Shetty got hitched this weekend to long time boyfriend/co-owner of the Rajasthan Royals, Raj Kundra and as a man in the precious stones business (win) he gifted her a 20-carat diamond ring. Oh and toss in a mansion in The UK on the side but that's just for fun since they're living in Mumbai. Anyway, the wedding was done in true Konkani-Manglorean fashion and all the events took place in the beautiful Khandala (I act like I've been there, but if it's a 'hillstation' it should be pretty, right?). Papa Shetty couldn't make it to the wedding because he was hospitalized due to malaria. That has GOT to suck. First her sister was unable to attend the engagemnet and now NO DADDY AT THE WEDDING?! Why oh why is she in such a hurry to get hitched? Is her baby bump gonna show soon? You didn't hear me say that. I didn't say it... but it is an assumption. In her defense, Momma Shetty is supposed to be a strict astrologer so perhaps this was actually the best 'mahurat.' Hopefully he will be better by Tuesday when the reception takes place in Mumbai. Anyway, the sangeet invites were extended to 150 of the 1000 invited for the reception and since you're wondering, some of Bwood's finest, naturally, were invited such as KJO, SRK, Salman Khan, Farah Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan & Co. [Not sure how many of them made it out, but I'm pretty sure Karan was busy with his cousin's wedding this weekend.] Shilpa and Raj danced to 'Teri Ore' how very Bollywood (which means I love it) and the family danced to 'Ahun Ahun' at the sangeet. Both of those songs have, at one point, been an obsession for me so good job Shetty family (because pleasing me was obviously their intention). Kickass choreographer Ganesh Hegde (who I secretly find attractive... don't get confused this isn't the mota Ganesh choreo.!)was the man behind it all. All of her clothes were designed by Mr. Tarun Tahiliani and his by Shantanu & Nikhil. The jewelry was taken care of by Anmol Jewellers. Here are some pictures from the sangeet and the wedding.

Sister Shamita also wore a Tarun Tahiliani number too.

Even celebrities are blushing brides on their big day, I love it.

She is the epitome of The Indian Beauty. Is anyone else salivating over that peacock bajuband?! It is effin' beautiful.

Fun fact for the post: Raj has a three-year old daughter, Deleena from his previous marriage to Kavita (can't find her maiden name). I get a very media-whorey vibe from her so I'm going to choose to ignore all her "Shilpa broke my marriage" bs.

I will update this post as soon as reception photos are up and floating around.

Congratulations to the happy couple, I wish them all the best.

Oh P.S. Isha Koppikar had a sangeet this weekend too. It was Ken and Barbie themed. Um, still trying to digest that one. She's lucky Shilpa stole the spotlight because no one needs to know about a Ken and Barbie Sangeet. Btw, I really like Isha so I'm sad to write negative things about her.

[photo sources: India Cinema Gallery, Hamara Photos and Miday Masala]


  1. Hai Allah me to margay uski jewelry or capre dehne ki baad. I truly love her and everything about her. Not to mention how sexaayy the hubby is! What a beautiful couple. Oh and I did die at the peacock arm band. You know my love for that bird. Thank you for making my day yet again. Much love. xox

  2. I like the groom's talwar..

  3. Do you think they played 'Dulhe ka Sehra' at the bidaai? Because they definitely ought to have