December 7, 2009

Trailers, Promos and Friends

Man, the promos just never stop dropping. I'm not complaining. They're not spectacular by any means, but I'll take it.

A lovey-dovey number from Chance Pe Dance titled "Pal Mein Hi":

I get a very "Bakhuda Tumhi Ho" vibe. You? Also, I must admit I didn't really think much of the Genelia-Shahid pairing, but it seems to be really cute in this video. I am horrified by one thing though and that is how at 1:50 it looks like Genelia is teaching Shahid how to dance. Come on... don't tell me she's a dance instructor! At least get someone who can dance! Okay, I'm being a drama queen she's not baaaad but she's not good either. Ugh.

The other promo is a song titled '10 on 10' from Pyaar Impossible:

So... I hate to say this. I really really do, but doesn't this whole thing (minus the last part w/ Uday's fantasy sequence) remind you of a climatic scene in a severely teeny bopper film like, "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" or some Disney Channel Original? Anyway, if anyone can pull off playing a young college 'rocker' chick without looking absolutely ridiculous it is Priyanka (or I could just be really biased). Anyhow, I'm still looking for that trailer because it was better than these song promos.

Also, I was asked what this movie was about so here's what little I can reveal: It's just a typical story about beauty and the geek. I think The Beauty may currently be in a dead-end relationship (with Dino Morea) or is confused and thinks that he's the one when it's, obviously, The Geek. Yeah, sorry there isn't much to be said. Oh, the film is directed by the masoom bacha from Masoom, the bhola naujavaan from Mohabbatein/Papa Kehte Hain, the director aadmi of Roadside Romeo, the guy who has KJO as a BFF but still can't seem to find success a.k.a Jugal Hansraj. He seems talented, just not doing the right thing at the right time.

That is all for now, I'm waiting for a new 3 Idiots promo to drop... I want more insight on that film!

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  1. Hmm...Pal Mein hi...liked the video..they both look very cute but didn't like the song much lol..I agree about what happens at 1:50..that's horrible least put Anushka in the picture! lol

    Okay...10 on 10...makes me think "Hannah Montana" meets Farhan Akhtar's "Rock On"....and it makes me believe that this movie is being made specifically for all of the desi tweens out there...however...I must admit...Priyanka looks effing hot...but she seems like a bitch obsessed with she thinks she's too good for

    Hm..interesting..Jugal...I don't see him as a director..=S