January 7, 2010

All Izzn't Well

... but MOST izz well with 3 IDIOTS.

Let's start with the plus points. To begin with, this movie was easily one of the most anticipated movies of the year so obviously it had a huge opening weekend. Number two, not only did it open huge it totally met up to ALL the hype that was built up before the release. This film is breaking records and here are some stats to prove it. According to India's Business Standard Newspaper, 3 Idiots has made 51 million dollars (2.4 billion rupees) from the global market taking the title of the biggest Bollywood blockbuster, moving Ghajini down a spot which had made 2.25 billion rupees.

Truth be told, I was really nervous about this movie for two reasons. Firstly, Amir Khan (AK) was to be playing a college student, how on earth was that going to be pulled off? But it somehow did. I caught myself trying to disassociate myself from the charm, while watching the movie, to see if he did look too old for the part but I couldn't see it so AK succeeded. Who's surprised though? Secondly, how many directors manage a hat trick? Let alone a newbie director? Rajkumar Hirani met awesome success with his directorial debut, Munnabhai M.B.B.S.. He then went on to create a sequel, Lage Raho Munnabhai and proved the skeptics wrong and the nation was swept with Gandhigiri. Could he really have a third superhit? Welp, he did... who thinks he can go for a fourth with Munnabhai Chale Amerika?

Now for the negative... er 'negative.' Those who keep up with the Bollywood world know that 3 Idiots was inspired by Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT. Now those of you who really really keep up with the Bollywood world/live in India know that there is/was a feud between Bhagat and The 3 idiots team. So here's what I've gathered: Chetan, like any blogger, expressed how he felt on his blog. He felt cheated. Upon reading the script, he was under the impression that the film was only going to be 5% of his book. After watching the film, he claims there were countless similarities and that he he wasn't recognized properly. Which, irrespective of how much was borrowed, I do think the film makers should have given recognition at the beginning instead of the ending during the credits. At the same time, however, Bhagat should've paid attention while signing the contract. So, in my opinion, it goes both ways. Also, during a press conference with the 3 Idiots teams one duffer of a journalist inquired/accused the team about the Bhagat controversy without having read the book. So Mr. Chopra doesn't have any of it and speaks without thinking and the journalists, in turn, are outraged and demand an apology. I'm reminded of a scene out of some sort of Madhur Bandharkar film. Watch the video:

To my knowledge, no solution was really reached just a lot of drama but the dispute's finally ended.


  1. Oh man, I watched it and loved it and the songs were good too...and I had no clue that the idea was taken from someone...hmm...well yeah he should have received credit in the beginning of the movie..man that was bad...the clip lol...but I absolutely LOVE Amir's cool composure...not once did he talk back or lose temper....amazing...

  2. Hey, I've read the book and yes, the IDEA was taken from the book, but they change alot of things from the story of Chetan's book and thats the reason they didn't include him well into recognition. But ofcourse, I agree he should have been given credit for inspiring them the story.

    The whole dispute came to an end with Chetan Bhagat apologizing, lol. I guess he had no choice!

  3. very nice post... now waiting eagerly for munna bhai chale amerika movie release...