November 14, 2009


Okay, since this is my first post I feel really awkward. Surprise.

Basically where I hope to go with this blog is to inform you of the happenings in Bollywood and beyond [that pretty much means Tellywood (TV) or Parallel/Art/Independent films that technically aren't classified under Bollywood] and to share my thoughts on it along with hearing yours.

Be a doll, comment on this post so if/when this becomes big and famous you can say you've followed me from the start!

Also, all suggestions on improving the site are more than welcome (but be nice, I'm HTML illiterate again but in due time, I'll hopefully learn the ropes). On that note...

Special shout out to Aamer 'Ammu' Nizami for coming up with the tagline!


  1. First off, good choice on the name. Secondly, I want to thank you for introducing me to abhijeet's album. I'd never heard it, is it really old? The part 'eh sajanva to hua hai re tera deewana' totallyy takes me back in time.. it sounds so early 90s melodious like deewana, aayi milan ki raat, tum mere ho etc. And oh, doesnt that guy look a lot like whatshisface in dushman with kajol? The model? I used to have a big time crush on him

    I know wut you mean by that 3 idiots song being catchy. It's kinda stuck in my head
    Aamir and saif look SO HOT mmm. Before I scrolled down I was thinkin' in my head, shouldn't ur fav shahrukh be the first on ur blog? Anyway, Surprisingly, I think I like 'Dulha mil gaya' from the looks of it.. I mean sushmita's in it, that could be a part of why i liked it.

    Good job on the site so far, its interesting/amazing/informative :) Btw, is the white font intentional? its kinda hard to read.

    PS: yeah i say the name in aao twist karein tune too

  2. YAY SO PROUD OF YOU. GO NIDA, GO NIDA, GO NIDA...haha omg i know i'm lame. good job on the blog.....

  3. bollywoodbinge! good name! u r now offically the perez hilton of bollywood :-)

  4. the only opinion i trust in bollywood=yours

    i agree with maliha the font is a bit difficult to read, but other than that i looooove it!


  5. Niduri. I love the name! I love the idea, the posts so far and videos are really informative! Keep it up gorgeous.

  6. Nidz, good job on putting this blog together I'm really proud of you. Just a little suggestion can you post events/parties pictures. I love seeing what bollywood is wearing hehe
    Thanks again for keeping me updated on all the bollywood buzz.