November 14, 2009

Trailers, Promos and Friends

I lied, this post only has a trailer and some promos, but no friends. Sorry.

Promo numero uno- 'Zoobi Doobi' from 3 Idiots:

All the black and white scenes are supposed to be an homage to the lovely Raj-Nargis duo. They were the greatest. Seriously.

Promo numero dos- 'Ali Maula' from Kurbaan:

Promo numero tres (isn't really a promo, but a music video)- 'Kurbaan Hua' from, really? Kurbaan:

Btw, I am totally obsessed with the soundtrack of Kurbaan, especially "Shukran Allah." The theatrical trailer looks spectacular as does the promo for the aforementioned gaana. Also, according to Tarun Mansukhani (Dir. of Dostana)the film is "bloodyfrikkinamazinglyoutstandinglybrilliantlynervewreakinglygood" Ah, but we mustn't forget he is part of the elite K-Jo's Chamcha Club.

The trailer for the (too) long awaited Dulha Mil Gaya is finally here: Starring SRK (in what I believe is only a cameo), Sushmita Sen & Fardeen Khan. Hm... can't decide how I feel. Watch for yourself:

As I wrote this entire post "Zoobi Doobi" was stuck in my head. I don't want to like it, but it's just so damn catchy!


  1. I can't express in words how much I love Aamir Khan. I'm wicked excited for 3 Idiots, but I can't standddd Kareena (shoot me). I think my hatred for her stems from her Poo character in K3G. I know she's nothing like that now, but the damage has been done.
    btw, I hate captchas

  2. Kurbaan looks good and all, but yet ANOTHER terrorist centered plot...seriously? There have already been so many in the past, including a recent flood of them, and even more to come (i.e. My Name is Khan). It's getting old/unoriginal. Hopefully something sets this one apart.

    P.S. Sure there are many Muslim terrorists out there, but there are also plenty of non-Muslim come films are rarely (if ever) made about them? The terrorist is ALWAYS a Muslim in these movies. Mix it up Bollywood. (And shed your stereotypical ways).

  3. Nidaho! My music soulmate you have finally started this blogging in your life! Seriously you should have started long time ago...we discovered long time ago that you would be an awesome critic! But better late then never soo good job! And I am looking forward to future posts!

    Zoobi Doobi is a nice catchy song...and Kareena looks hot...and Amir is and always will be adorable lol...I wanna see this movie it gives me a very 3 stooges feeling lol i guess cuz of the title but yeah...looks like a good one.

    Kurbaan looks extremely depressing and I have to agree with Haaris..these types of movies usually flop big time...started with Mission Kashmir I think...right? But yeah...I dunno hopefully there is something better about Kurbaan...and Dulha Mil Gaya looks pretty good...I love Sushi..=)

    Anyways I'm gonna check out your other posts =P

  4. I saw Kurbaan with a 'K' and thought it was well done. Rensil owes you for referring me and thus two other people because I wouldn't have known about it if not for this post!