November 22, 2009

Weekend Releases

...and by 'releases' I mean 'release.'

The much-hyped Kurbaan, released this weekend and as expected is doing well. Looks like the whole 'films-where-real-life-couples-play-a-reel-life-couple-never-do-well' theory falls flat with this film and thankfully so 'cause I'm really anxious to see it! I always fall for good publicity and pretty much take anything Karan Johar says with a handful of salt and if he produced this film, then by God, I will watch it (I know biases are bad, but I can't help it. I love the man.). Which, speaking of, it's nice to see that Dharma Productions is branching out from its Romantic forte (barring the disaster that was Kaal) and sprinkling it's magic on other genres. So all-in-all the movie is running succesfully and has repeatedly been stated that it's "the best Hindi film of 2009." (of course 3 idiots, Rocket Singh and Paa have yet to release) I sense film award nominations already. I wonder how Thackeray & Co. feel with the success of the movie or Dharma Productions in general.

Let me to shed a little bit of light on this Thackeray controversy (if you haven't already been enlightened):

#1) Before the release of 'Wake Up Sid' Raj Thackeray [nephew of Bal (leader of the Shiv Sena party)] made K-Jo come over and told him it wasn't cool that Karan used the word "Bombay" (instead of Mumbai) in the film and asked him to apologize. So Johar-saab threw in an apology at the beginning of Wake Up Sid and everyone was pissed that he caved, this includes the CM.

#2) About a week ago Bombay (yes, Bombay) woke up to find that Kareena had been covered in a sari in all of the Kurbaan Billboards. I wish I was lying. The Shiv Sena women felt 'nude' pictures (mind you, all you can see is her bare back) were too vulgar for the general public. I saw a picture of the draped sari, it was hilarious. [I can't remember where I saw it and now I'm going crazy searching for it] The ladies planned to gift her a sari at her home and when asked how she felt about the whole situation the ever so blunt Bebo just said she hoped it was a color she liked.

Anyway, can't say much about the film since I live in Oklahomie and won't get to see the movie until Nov. 29th (the perfect ending to my Thanksgiving-Eid-Bedlam weekend) so I'll get back to y'all then.


  1. Just when you think India is becoming more progressive (unbanning homosexual acts and giving transgender folk the option of choosing a 3rd gender category when voting), foolish people have to go and mess errrthang up.

  2. Nida, you sound like a Bollywood insider, I'm impressed. Screw Shiv Sena