April 13, 2010

Awards Season: Padma Shri

Saif Ali Khan and Rekha received the Padma Shri this year for their contribution to Indian Cinema. Past winners have been Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, A.R. Rehman, Madhuri Dixit, Hema Malini, Shekhar Kapoor, Hariharan... all who are immensely talented. Rekha receiving this I understand... Saif? Mmm, not so much. No offense. He's talented forrr sure. I think about Omkara and am stunned by his acting skills, but I don't know if he's earned himself this award just yet. Either way... I can't help but marvel at how regal him and his arm-candy Kareena looked. He completely looks the title of "chote nawab" here.

Why don't our Bollywood men don sherwanis or kurta salwars more often? It takes their handsome level about ten notches higher than when they wear clothes intended for the youth. Just saying.

[Photos via: HighHeellConfidential.com]


  1. i'm going to discount the padma shree much more in the future...not worth nearly as much as i thought, i mean, what has saif ali khan ever done???

  2. I So soo very much Agree!

  3. Yeah I gotta agree with you on that Saif is an amazing actor but I don't think he's worthy of such an award just yet...Although I love what they are both wearing...