April 13, 2010

Musical Madness

Hrithik Roshan is the latest actor to join the singing bandwagon. When I read about this I kind of rolled my eyes because I figured all reports were using the term loosely. I mean, remember when Amir Khan "sang" "Kya Bolti Tu" or Shahrukh "sang" "Apun Bola" but really both were just speaking in sing-songy ways. Or before the music of Devdas released everyone was talking about how Madhuri was being classically trained for a song and we heard... and it was good, but not the full-on singing we were all expecting.

Of course I had to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised! So surprised it's currently my latest obsession. This kind of music strikes a chord with me (pun unintended). I love it so much I'm willing to forgive the line "lovers forever." I mean, it's no secret that I hate when English is used in Hindi songs because it usually sounds ridiculous (not always). Anyway have a listen!

Btw, while we're all here talking about actors singing don't you feel like Kareena's singing in "Jab Nahin Aaye The Tum" from Dev was sort of shunned? It's not supposed to be wonderfully melodious, but it's so real and charming:

Laaastly, in my previous post I mentioned the film Sadiyaan... well here's a gem of a song that will probably go uncelebrated due to the film it's associated with. You'll only like it if you're into Richa Sharma and/or Qawwali-type songs. If that's up your alley check it out:

(hahah what a random and totally inappropriate picture)

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  1. I fell in love with Hritik's voice after that one time he sang at last years Iifa Awards Ceremony..He sang a classic oldie "Yaara teri yaari ko...meine toh Khuda maana"...which I also loved the lyrics of...but he just made it sound so fresh and amazing...<3

    This song from Kites is also so soothing...first time I'm hearing it...wow

    Wow thats Kareena..I cant believe that...she's pretty good...and the song is so sweet

    Hmm I love Sona Lagda Mahi...that's the one you were mentioning right?...I absolutely love it...